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From Classroom to Career

At Branford Hall, we offer more than just job training. We help you every step of the journey toward your new career, from training, to resume, to job search. Learn more about how our Career Services department helps you find the job that’s right for you:

  • Resumes and Cover Letters: We will help you create a resume that makes the most out of your skills and experience.
  • Job Search: We will help you search for jobs that match your training and your interests.
  • Interviews: Our Career Services staff will help you practice and prepare before you go for your first interview.

Other Career Services at Branford Hall

Referrals: Our Career Services department can help graduates find jobs by providing referrals to potential employers.

Getting to know the employers: As a business school for 50 years, Branford Hall has gotten to know many of the regional employers. Our career services staff reaches out to businesses and organizations who may be looking to hire people with the qualifications and skills that a Branford Hall education provides. Keeping in touch with these potential employers helps us to match our graduates with possible job openings. By developing ongoing relationships with the employer community, Branford Hall Career Services can help you get a sense of what jobs are available for you.

Moral support: Our Career Services specialists care about our graduates. They will support you through the job-seeking process, cheer you on when you need it most, and keep on working to help you find the job that is right for you.

Career advice after graduation: Branford Hall doesn’t forget about you after you’ve graduated. After you have graduated, as long as you left in good standing, we will be there for you if you need additional career advice. Come back and see us, even if it’s been a few years since you graduated. We want you to succeed in your new career!

Working as a team: Remember, we need your full participation if you want your job search to be the best it can be. It is a team effort, and we need you to work as hard as we do to make it happen. It takes the combined effort of the students and our career services department to conduct a job search that starts you off in your new career.

On-the-job Training

One of the great benefits of a Branford Hall education is the on-the-job training that you receive while you are still a student. Many of the programs at Branford Hall include an externship or internship where you get to apply what you have learned in the classroom in an actual work setting.

During the placement, qualified personnel will be there by your side as you try out your new skills. Externships and internships are a unique learning experience, and completing your placement successfully is a requirement for graduation.

An added advantage of this on-the-job training is the chance to meet a potential employer. Some of our students have been hired for permanent positions by their externship site. Others find that including the externship experience on their resume gives them an advantage during their job search. And nearly all students agree that the hands-on experience helps them be better prepared for their first job in their new field.

Learn more about our externships and internships.


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