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Are you someone who likes to help others? Have you always wanted to work in a medical setting? Are you thinking about attending medical assistant school?  If so, you may want to consider Branford Hall’s Medical Assistant program.

As a medical assistant, you can develop meaningful relationships with both patients and doctors. Medical assistants are the link between doctors and patients, and they help to keep the daily functions of medical offices running smoothly.

Medical assistants are needed in a wide range of office and clinical settings, from hospitals and outpatient centers to private practices or surgical centers.

If you want to be an important part of a professional medical team, then the Medical Assistant Program at Branford Hall Career Institute may be the program for you.

A Day in the Life

At Branford Hall, you will learn the skills you need to be a medical assistant. Here are some of the daily duties you might have:

  • Measure and record patients’ vital signs
  • Take down patients’ medical histories
  • Discuss procedures with patients and offer reassurance
  • Prepare patients for examinations
  • Sterilize medical equipment and instruments
  • Provide assistance to physicians during examinations
  • Collect and process lab specimens
  • Perform phlebotomies (blood draws)
  • Administer EKGs
  • Handle the preparation and administration of medications
  • Share information with patients about medications and special diets
  • Authorize refills for prescriptions
  • Remove surgical sutures
  • Remove and reapply dressings

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A Graduate's Success Story

Valerie Watts Medical Assistant Program


“I wanted a chance to make a difference in someone’s life.”

Valerie Watts reached a point in her life where she was ready for a new career. While she enjoyed her work as a bank teller, she wanted to find a career where she could make more of a difference.

“I wanted to make a difference in someone’s life,” she recalls thinking. “I also want to have the skills to care for my mother as she gets older.” It was this thought that convinced her to enroll in the Medical Assistant program at Branford Hall. “Becoming a medical assistant was the perfect way to help others and learn how to care for my mother,” Valerie says.

Like other adult students, Valerie was worried about going back to school. But she was filled with determination. Virginia Robey, director of career services at Branford Hall, remembers working with Valerie, and says, “Valerie always came prepared to class. She was thoughtful, curious, and ready to learn.”

Ms. Robey also believed Valerie had the type of personality that was well-suited for being a medical assistant. “Valerie has a natural, gentle nature, and this is perfect for a career where you may be working with patients who are anxious or apprehensive about their health. She will have the ability to put the patients at ease,” said Robey.

After graduation, Valerie was offered a position with a medical office. Happy to start her new career, Valerie said she found the work to be “wonderful,” and felt that in her new job, she could truly make a difference.

What Valerie says about Branford Hall: “The teachers and staff at Branford Hall were easy to communicate with, and helped to make my time at Branford Hall very memorable. Going back to school has made me feel more confident about myself and about my career.”


Valerie Watts


Medical Assistant


Branford Hall/Branford, CT


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