10 Questions to Ask Yourself: Getting Ready for 2017

Take time to look back at your personal and professional successes

Mindfulness and self-reflection are two practices that many successful people use in order to become more aware of their priorities and more focused on self-improvement. The end of a calendar year is a great time to look inward and reflect on the past year.

Are you happy with your life? Is your career where you want it to be? Is your personal life as fulfilling as it could be? Before you go out to your New Year’s Eve parties, take a little time to look back through the year. Go through your calendar to jog your memory about what happened this year. Here are some questions that you can ask of yourself as you take this time to evaluate the successes and opportunities that 2016 brought your way.

1. What three adjectives would I use to describe this year?
2. What specific new skills or areas of expertise did I learn this year?
3. What were my achievements and successes?
4. What were the practices that led to these successes? How can I replicate them?
5. In what ways did I advance toward my long-term goals?
6. What were the biggest obstacles? How can I overcome them?
7. If I could do the year over, what could I have done differently?
8. What were the most rewarding parts of the year?
9. Who were the important people in the past year, and how can I show them appreciation?
10. What lessons did I learn that I can carry into the new year?

Reflection is a good tool for self-improvement. Incorporating a reflection period into all your major activities is one way you can make improvements in the year 2017. A second important practice for self-improvement is goal-setting. Goal-setting can help you stay focused and strive toward the results you want. For more help with goal-setting, try SMART Method Goal-Setting for Students.

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We hope these suggestions are helpful as you bring 2016 to a close. Happy New Year and get ready for a great 2017!