10 Steps to Select a Certified Surgical School

surgical school

Picking the Right Certified Surgical School is Key to Career Success

Certified surgical school prepares students for working as a surgical tech and passing the certification exam. Answer these questions to find the program to help you succeed:

  1. Is the certified surgical school accredited? Accreditation represents a third party stamp of approval for the school. You know you’re getting a quality education. It also shows employers that you have a worthwhile education. For these reasons, students planning to attend accredited schools have greater opportunity for loans, grants and scholarships. Their credits also more easily transfer to other schools should they seek to augment their education later.
  2. Is the certified surgical school conveniently located? Commuting a long distance will take away even more time from a student’s busy schedule. Attending a school nearby will save time and wear and tear on the student’s vehicle.
  3. Does the certified surgical school offer flexible class times? Especially for adult learners, alternatives to full-time day classes can make the difference between successful graduation and dropping out.
  4. Are the instructors attentive? While their qualifications are covered by accreditation, the “soft skills” that make truly great instructors are a little harder to quantify. Visiting on campus and talking with current students and instructors can give a feel for the instructor’s style and approach to teaching.
  5. Have the instructors received positive reviews online? A bevy of rating sites can help prospective students get a glimpse of what it’s really like to study under different professors.
  6. Does the certified surgical school maintain a high pass rate? This applies not only to the surgical tech classes, but also to the certification exam.
  7. What is the school’s placement rate? Anything in health care is very employable now; however, the surgical tech school should train students at such as level that they maintain a high placement rate.
  8. Does the school offer career counseling? Because of the high demand in health care, some students have an abundance of opportunities to work. Career counseling can help graduates find the right fit for where they want to work.
  9. Does the certified surgical school promote careers? Selling learning is the easy part. But that needs to translate to a profitable career. The classes, curriculum and advisement should all focus on helping students obtain gainful employment.
  10. Does the certified surgical school offer tours? The administration should welcome prospective students to the campus to look at the facilities, sit in on a few classes and learn how the school can help them accomplish their goals.