10 Stress-Relief Tips for Students Leading into September

Turn the change of seasons into a productive time of year

We all know how the end of summer can be – waving goodbye to family vacations and weekends at the beach. The majority of Branford Hall students are either settling in for the fall or attending their first classes after enrolling in a new career training program.

In either case, September represents a time of transition. And transition often comes accompanied by stress. With that in mind, we offer these 10 stress-relief tips for any student, as a way of enjoying the autumn while keeping your head in the game.

  • Get organized. A certain amount of stress can arise from not being able to find what you need. That’s why it pays to organize your workspace, your schedule, your PC … even your phone. The more order you have, the less time and energy you’ll waste trying to find the right app or locate those notes you took on loose-leaf because you forgot to bring the right copybook.
  • Maintain a healthy sleep schedule. Feeling alert has a lot to do with your state of mind. If you can manage eight hours of sleep a night, you may find you’re more focused, patient, accommodating and receptive.
  • Sneak in some exercise. Exercise increases your energy and it boosts your endorphins, both of which are directly related to your mood. Dedicating 30 minutes a day to exercise will provide you with additional productivity, stamina, and determination (not to mention a more positive self-image).
  • Minimize any unhealthy distractions. List the factors in your life that are leading to a negative attitude. Once you’ve done that, determine what adjustments you can make to either minimize or eliminate whatever is unnecessary.
  • Eat right (and eat regularly). It’s difficult to eat nutritious meals, especially if you happen to be on campus with a snack machine on every floor. But eating right will help you look good and feel good throughout the day. Try it for a week, and take note of how much better you function.
  • Form a study group. Study groups are fun, and they’re also an effective way to ensure you’re staying on top of whatever assignments need to be completed for your classes.
  • Create an assignment calendar. Having all of your “due dates” broken out is a great way to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. You’ll also find you can manage your time better if your deadlines are listed according to a schedule.
  • Surround yourself with positive affirmations. Ideally, you’ll want to fill your workspace with images and messages that reinforce all the reasons why you’ve been working so hard to achieve your goals. The more you’re reminded of the positives, the greater your motivation will be.
  • Make time for the things that you enjoy. It’s crucial to balance all of your hard work with down time, especially the kind spent with people who leave you feeling good.
  • Reward yourself for every goal that you accomplish.  Rewards come in all shapes and sizes, and they don’t have to be resigned to achieving something monumental. The important thing is that you have something to work toward, and that the reward, in turn, motivates you to go back and achieve even more.

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