10 Tips for Starting off Every Day Healthy, Happy & Productive

Advice on how to make each morning count   

We’ve all been there: the alarm goes off and all you can think about is hitting “snooze”. But research shows the first hour of any day can dictate how the remainder of that day will go.

With that in mind, motivational speaker Kevin Eikenberry offers these 10 tips for getting a great start, and allowing that start to carry you through the day. (The tips are Mr. Eikenberry’s, the commentary is ours – and this article should not be taken as an endorsement of Mr. Eikenberry’s services).

  1. Read something inspirational. Sign up to receive inspirational quotes, or go to a website that provides them. Read a passage or a letter from someone that makes you feel good. The bottom line: seek out something that inspires you to have a great morning.
  2. Exercise. Run or walk for 10-15 minutes; hit the gym before you head to work or school. Exercise raises endorphins, and endorphins lead to increased happiness and energy, while reducing major stress.
  3. Eat well. If you have time for a balanced breakfast, great. If not, just be sure whatever you do eat provides some vitamins and minerals (cereal, yogurt or granola bars), and accompany it with a glass of apple or orange juice, and  perhaps a piece of fruit on the side.
  4. Review your goals. What do you want to accomplish today? Make a list, then strike each item off as the day goes on. The simple act of doing this will make you feel – and be – more productive.
  5. Plan out your schedule. Where do you need to be, and when do you need to be there? How can you accomplish everything else in the moments in between? Prioritize what’s urgent and focus on the rest throughout the afternoon (or evening).
  6. Relax your mind. Some people meditate, some people prefer to just spend a few minutes on their own, without any background noise or distraction. Whatever the case, find 10 minutes to sit in silence and breathe easy. Keep calm and carry on.
  7. Invest 10 minutes toward knocking out a menial task. It’s the little things that hang over our heads, perhaps an unwelcome errand or a phone call we’ve been putting off. Make a point of striking one of those off your list at the beginning of every morning, and you’re likely to find you feel much better about the fact you’ve put it behind you.
  8. Write an email to someone thanking or acknowledging them for something they’ve done. Pick a friend, or a co-worker, a family member or acquaintance, and shoot him or her a quick email or text, expressing thanks for something they’ve done. They feel good, you feel good, and it puts both of you in a positive frame of mind.
  9. Reflect on what went well the day before. What did you do accomplish? What would you like to achieve more effectively today?
  10. Commit. Look back at Nos. 4, 5 and 9. Now go out there and get it done.

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