15 Goals Any Branford Student Can Achieve During the Summer

Use the warm-weather months to handle details, get ahead

Ah, summertime! The mood is relaxed, the pools and beaches are open, and everyone is entitled to a little rest and relaxation. Yet amidst that, a lot of career training program students are still attending classes. Whether you’re enrolled over the summer or preparing for orientation in the fall, here are 15 minor – but important – steps any aspiring Branford Hall student can take so that he or she can stay one step ahead of the pack.

1. Introduce yourself to five potential business contacts.

2. Meet with Career Services so you can discuss taking the first steps toward an externship.

3. Prepare your resume for future job interviews.

4. Read books that are centered upon your career training program.

5. Make a list of your idols, then do some research to determine how each of them went about accomplishing some of his or her personal goals.

6. Visit an organization that specializes in the type of role that you’re preparing for.

7. Watch a documentary that’s based upon some aspect of your career training program.

8. Spend time with students who plan on following a very similar career path.

9. Start researching how to locate potential job opportunities online.

10. Create a LinkedIn profile.

11. Volunteer to do something that helps you build upon your skill set.

12. Attend a job fair.

13. Thank someone who’s been essential to your career training program.

14. Create a list of autumn goals so you have a clear direction in mind come September.

15. Relax and unwind. Enjoy the summer you deserve.

Have friends or family that might be interested in pursuing career education? Tell them to schedule an appointment or request more information about Branford Hall.