25 Things to Do Before Summer is Over

August goes fast…don’t miss these summer favorites!

Summer is a special season. It feels different from all the rest. Children are on break from school. Families are taking vacations. The daylight stretches long into the evenings. Summer chefs are cooking on the grill. As August arrives, you may ask yourself: Have I fit in everything I wanted to do this summer? If you’ve just realized that August is flying by faster than ever, maybe it’s time to plan a few summer activities before it’s all over! Try these free and low-cost ideas:

  1. Seek the shade with a walk in the woods
  2. Take a tech-free day and go back to the basics
  3. Donate a backpack and school supplies to a back-to-school drive
  4. Wake up with the sunrise and see how quiet your neighborhood is
  5. Find a park with grills and have a cook-out with friends
  6. Look up an old friend and catch up with them
  7. Make s’mores, even if you have to do it in your microwave
  8. Treat yourself to a gigantic wedge of watermelon
  9. Find a park with hammocks and read a book
  10. Look at the nighttime stars
  11. Find friends for an outdoor game—Frisbee, basketball, beanbag toss anyone?
  12. Cool off in the water, if you have a lake, pool, or ocean nearby
  13. Go out for ice cream
  14. Attend an outdoor movie
  15. Try a new exercise
  16. Buy lemonade from a child’s lemonade stand
  17. Go to a garage sale or flea market
  18. Find a firework display
  19. Spend time with your family
  20. Do a surprise favor for a friend
  21. Go to an outdoor concert
  22. Enjoy corn on the cob before it’s out of season
  23. Go to an afternoon movie matinee to escape the summer heat
  24. Explore a new hobby
  25. Take a day trip to a nearby attraction

Summer is fleeting, and before you know it, the fall is rolling in. If you make the effort to plan some fun summer activities, you will create memories for years to come. Here’s to a terrific summer for you!


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