3 Advantages to Enrolling in a Branford Hall Career Training Program

Some differences to evaluate before deciding on where to go to school

Anyone who’s interested in getting training to enter a new career field has a great deal to consider. Two- and four-year colleges are one option. But they may present a significant hurdle for aspiring students who can’t spend all their time on campus, or who need to work while attending school.

Career-focused education might be a viable option, particularly for students who want to focus squarely on acquiring the vocational skills that are needed to start down a new career path. With that in mind, here are three significant advantages to pursuing a career education at Branford Hall.

1. Length of programs

At Branford, the average program takes anywhere between 10 and 18 months to complete. The philosophy is that by eliminating electives, students will be able to devote more time to zeroing in on a specific trade.

To that end, the curriculum of every career training program, whether it’s a medical coding and billing training, a graphic design program, or a computer networking program comes streamlined. Most programs require students to attend a small number of classes each week. This, of course, leaves students free to pursue part-time – or in some cases, even full-time – work.

The average class size is small (compared to universities), which means instructors are in a position to work with students individually. The students, in turn, all attend the same classes, which allows them to get to know one another rather well.

2. Financial aid

It’s true that tuition for Branford Hall career training programs is less expensive than the majority of two- or four-year colleges. In addition, students who have the ambition but lack the finances are generally in a position to apply for assistance via Branford Hall’s Financial Aid Department.

Upon scheduling an appointment, Branford advisors can help applicants run through a series of feasible assistance options. Advisors can also assist in completing – and then filing – any necessary forms. If an applicant is in a position to pay tuition on his or her own, Financial Aid will assist in mapping out an installment plan that fits the budget.

3. Career Services 

All Branford Hall locations offer the benefit of a Career Services Department. Department administrators are available to offer advice, but they’re also dedicated to helping students prepare for interviews, create – and clean up – their resumes, and even target employment sectors that are an ideal place to search for a job.

Certain Branford programs require students to complete a professional externship prior to graduation. Given the relationship Career Services has established with regional businesses, administrators may be able to provide an introduction that lays the groundwork for an interview.

Pursuing a career is a multi-layered process, which is why Career Services welcomes Branford students to schedule an appointment from any point after they have enrolled to months, or even years, after they have graduated.

Interested in learning more about the advantages of enrolling at Branford Hall? Schedule an appointment or request more information.