3 Career Training Programs That Are Only Offered at Select Branford Campuses

Looking for a unique curriculum? Here’s where to find it.

Most Branford students are familiar with medical assistant courses and medical coding and billing programs because those programs are offered at a variety of campuses.

There are a few programs, however, that are only offered at one or two Branford locations that people may not be aware of.

Here is a list of those programs, along with a description of what they can offer to aspiring professionals who live in that region.

1. Surgical technology

Where it’s offered: Branford Hall’s North Brunswick (NJ) campus.

What the program covers: Students who enroll to study surgical technology will be taught how to assist medical professionals in a standard operating environment. Enrollees will also learn how to prep patients, monitor medical equipment, and support doctors throughout surgery. After graduation, surgical techs are generally employed by way of hospitals, clinical facilities and private practices. Some are even hired as independent contractors, accepting temp- to full-time work throughout the country.

To find out more visit Branford’s surgical technology training program page.

2. Culinary arts

Where it’s offered: Branford Hall’s Springfield (MA) campus.

What the program covers:  In addition to several hands-on cooking classes, Branford’s culinary arts program teaches students how to prep cuisines and work with cooking knives. In-class lectures cover beverage and food safety regulations. Specialized tracks allow students to pursue becoming a sous chef, a head chef, or even the entrepreneurial owner of a business.

To find out more visit Branford’s culinary arts training page.

3. Paralegal

Where it’s offered: Branford Hall’s Branford (CT), and Southington (CT) campuses.

What the program covers: Branford’s paralegal career training program is designed to provide students with an academic foundation in legal concepts and procedure. Courses offered include Criminal Law, Business Law, and Legal Document Preparation (among others). The curriculum represents a balance between civil law and criminal law. Prior to graduating, paralegal students are required to fulfill an externship, providing them with several weeks’ worth of experience in the field.

To find out more visit Branford’s paralegal program page.

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