3 Student Initiatives that Reflect Branford’s All-for-One Attitude

When there’s a need, campus classmates band together  

Enrolling in a career training program is a significant commitment. Students want to choose the right career institute for the right reasons. In the best-case scenario, students also want to meet new friends who they can spend time with while completing their courses.

You can see these friendships forming at individual Branford campuses. Students in the same programs spend a great deal of time together, developing study groups or meeting for lunch. In certain cases, Branford students tend to look out not only for one another, but for the community as well. Here are three examples of students at individual campuses paying it forward, day-by-day.

The student carpool (Parsippany, New Jersey)

In the main building of Branford’s Parsippany campus you can find a map of the region posted on one of the corridor walls (see photo above). “NEED A RIDE? Carpool Opportunities,” the poster reads. A series of dots plotted on the map represents the nearby towns in which a student is available to drive others into campus.

Students who need a ride – or would simply prefer to have the option in an emergency – can get contact information for each driver via Branford, Parsippany’s Graduate Services Office.

The student donation jar (Branford, Connecticut)

Earlier this year, Branford’s flagship campus elected its first-ever student council – a group of representatives chosen to work hand-in-hand with the administration, sharing feedback and ideas.

One of the first motions the student council approved involved placing a donation jar in one of the campus’s common areas. The idea arose because a lot of Branford students knew first-hand the frustration of arriving on-campus, only to realize they didn’t have enough change for a midday snack, or for bus fare on the way home.

With students contributing to the donation jar on a regular basis, coming up short is no longer an issue. More importantly, administrators confirm that students who have benefited from the jar in the past are even more likely to contribute to its proceeds later on.

Student charity drives (Amityville, New York)

Branford’s Amityville campus makes it a point to partner with several regional non-profits every year. The tradition speaks to a student culture based not only on career training, but positive values, as well.

During the past 12 months alone, Amityville’s students have received letters of recognition for:

  • Hosting an on-campus fundraiser for Autism Speaks
  • Hosting (and participating in) several Red Cross blood drives
  • Donating money to the Muscular Dystrophy Association
  • Shopping for holiday gifts in conjunction with Toys for Tots
  • Working in conjunction with the Amityville Chamber of Commerce, and
  • Joining the local chapters of both the National Bone Marrow Registry and Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

The volunteer work is a great way to meet others in the community, and becoming a member of charitable organizations is an admirable way to build one’s resume, as well.

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