3 Ways to Make the Most of Branford Hall’s Career Services Department

How to maximize one of the institute’s most valuable resources  

As a student at Branford Hall, it’s probably your hope that what begins in the classroom will eventually translate into a career. This is why you enroll, why you complete homework assignments and travel out to the campus on a regular basis. You’re attending classes because you’re aspiring to something bigger. And this is where every campus’s Career Services Department can help.

The goal of Branford Hall’s Career Services Department is to help students make an effective transition from the classroom into any job field. With that in mind, here are the three most reliable ways Career Services can provide Branford students with support.

1. Getting your paperwork in order

Branford’s Career Services administrators are always available to help students create, update, or improve their resumes. Students who have already developed a resume may want to meet with Career Services to determine which additional skills to list, what details to include (or revise), and which terminology tends to resonate the most with potential employers.

In addition, Career Services can help students write or enhance an effective cover letter, as cover letters are an important part of any job application package. While students are generally responsible for providing the content, Branford administrators can provide ideas for producing  letters that stand out from the pack.

2. Pursuing on-the-job training 

Most of Branford Hall’s students are encouraged to complete an externship prior to graduating. Completing an externship is a beneficial way to gain professional experience while meeting industry contacts. In some cases, employers have even been known to extend a job offer to students based upon their performance throughout the externship.

Students may want to schedule an appointment with Career Services early on in their Branford Hall experience. Meeting with Career Services regularly increases the chances you’ll be the first to know when and if an on-the-job externship opportunity does become available.

3. Preparing for an initial round of interviews 

Once you enter the final third of your career training program, it’s time to consider how you’ll go about embarking on a job search. Assuming you’ve updated your resume and gained some relevant experience, this is where Career Services can help you showcase several newly-acquired skills.

Administrators may suggest running through a mock interview to help you get comfortable with how to respond to certain types of questions. Administrators may also provide suggestions regarding how applicants can present their “best selves” in terms of professionalism and dress code. The goal is to bolster confidence, so that Branford students – and graduates – can enter the job market prepared to make an exceptional case for why they should be hired.

Contact the Career Services Department at your local Branford Hall campus to schedule an appointment or request more information.