3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Career Training Program During July

How to establish a healthy work-life balance when summer is in full-swing  

A few weeks ago we posted “15 Goals Any Branford Student Can Achieve During the Summer,” an article that was meant to function as a checklist. Today we’d like to go a bit deeper, providing suggestions based on how actual Branford students can – and do – use creativity and available resources to get ahead.

July is associated with downtime, sure. And who would deny that some of that downtime is deserved? But day-to-day, every career training program is still holding classes. In light of that, we offer these three suggestions for making the most of being enrolled.

1. Schedule a field trip

The summer months are a perfect time to gather a group of classmates together and schedule an activity that all of you can enjoy. The massage therapist training program at Branford’s flagship campus, for example, traveled down to New York City last summer to take in a Body Worlds Exhibit. The culinary arts students at Branford’s Springfield (MA) campus have volunteered their services at local charity events and summer barbecues.

The idea is to zero in on an activity that is both educational and enjoyable. The best-case scenario offers career training program students an opportunity to rub elbows with others in their field while perhaps even getting a chance to showcase their skills.

2. Get a jump on the competition

July and August are an ideal time to schedule an appointment with Branford Hall’s Career Services Department. Branford administrators are available throughout the summer to help students sharpen their resumes, look into externships, or embark upon a job search. Depending on the program, Career Services may even be able to help ambitious students schedule a visit to a local business, where they can see first-hand what experienced professionals in that career field do.

3. Remain present (& accounted for)

Woody Allen once said that, “Eighty percent of success is showing up.” There is some truth to that, particularly for career training program students who are attending classes during the summer.

Showing up for classes despite the nice weather isn’t only important, it helps students develop a level of commitment that is absolutely essential once they get out in the field. On sunny afternoons when the trip out to campus doesn’t come easy, remind yourself of why you enrolled. If you can maintain that focus straight through until September, you’ll be one step closer to your goal.

Interested in learning more about the advantages of enrolling at Branford Hall? Schedule an appointment or request more information.