4 Great Qualities of a Paralegal

These skills can help Paralegals succeed!

Paralegals act as the daily support system for lawyers. They help lawyers by investigating case facts and writing reports for cases. They also assist in legal research, organizing and tracking files, and drafting documents. They also organize the activities for the law office.

Paralegals juggle many duties each day and thus need many skills.

Here are 4 qualities you need to be a paralegal:

Research skills

Knowing what and how to research are important skills for a paralegal. They need to investigate law issues and the facts of cases for attorneys. It’s good to have an inquisitive mind and years of practice with researching will help make you a valuable asset to a law firm. You will need to use Internet research and legal research databases like Westlaw to gather information that is crucial to each law case.


A crucial skill needed to become a paralegal is an aptitude for multitasking. The best multitaskers know how to separate, organize, and work on different tasks at once. They’re good at stopping one task to continue focusing on another in fast-paced environments. You may also have to research and manage several cases at once, so it’s important to prioritize.

Attention to detail

If you’re busy multitasking, you’re also need a strong attention to detail. You will have to make sure all the small, but crucial details of a case, briefing, or document are clear for the lawyer. Some cases can be won or lost depending if a party does not offer required documents needed for a complete analysis of the case. A competent paralegal can review complex legal jargon and content to accurately summarize for the attorney.

Writing skills

Paralegals need to know how to In fact, hiring a paralegal who can’t write is like hiring a chef who doesn’t know how to cook. Writing skills keep the lawyer accurately informed. Paralegals don’t have to write complicated legal jargon, but they do have to draft clear and concise legal correspondences that are sometimes persuasive.

Paralegals have many professional skills that are important to the function of any law practice. If these skills seem ideal assets to develop, then consider applying to a paralegal training program today. You could use these skills to build a professional reputation and be part of an important team!


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