4 MORE Ways Your Smartphone Can Make Studying Easier

Check out a variety of resources that are right at your fingertips  

You may recall a blog post we did about a month ago called “5 Ways Your Smartphone Can Make Studying Easier.”

With so many apps to choose from, today we’re presenting four more – but with a specific focus on communication and productivity tools. NOTE: We are not endorsing any of the following apps, but rather are presenting them as a starting point for your own research.

1.  Studyblue

Studyblue combines memorization tools with digital tech by letting users create their own flashcards, quizzes, review sheets and study guides. Once students input a list of study terms (and/or questions), they can work on improving their scores while competing with friends.

2.  Wunderlist

The more coursework a student has, the more important it becomes to stay organized. That’s where Wunderlist comes in. It’s a free app that allows users to make and update to-do lists anytime, anywhere. Wunderlist also allows for collaborative lists, which can be helpful for interactive projects. Finally, the app includes a feature for setting reminders, so busy students won’t forget any upcoming deadlines or assignments.

3. Simplenote

Marketed as “the simplest way to keep notes,” Simplenote is particularly useful for students because it allows them to post and share notes with others, which can be useful for a study group. Other Simplenote features include the abilities to upload notes taken on one device to any other device and to search through notes by keyword. Users can even “go back in time” to see earlier versions of notes they’ve updated, changed, or deleted.

4.  Pocket

Pocket allows users to store online articles and pages to read at a later time. Plus, as of this month, Pocket users can highlight any block of text and have the app read it back to them. That means students can listen back to relevant study materials while on the go.

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