4 Websites That Bring The Job Openings to You

Let your profile do the talking 

Traditionally, jobseekers used the Classifieds to search for employment opportunities. But the digital age has made job-seeking a two-way street, one in which employers and private citizens can trade and transfer information accordingly.

Massage therapists, computer network specialists and HVAC repair technicians may be in a position to set up their own websites as a means of attracting new business.

Yet in a lot of vocations, it could be just as useful to find employment – or clients – by simply posting a profile or resume on any one of these four business sites:

1.  LinkedIn. LinkedIn markets itself as the world’s largest professional business network, with over 300 million members in 200 countries around the globe.

Sounds huge, right? But the beauty is that LinkedIn, much like Facebook, allows you to build a circle and connect with people based on common interests, skill sets, work experience, and contacts. In other words, it brings a specific business community to you. Registering for an account is free, and the site provides countless opportunities to meet potential employers, clients or contacts on a daily basis.

2.  Careerbuilder. Post jobs. Find jobs. Search by category, area, salary, or keyword.
Careerbuilder is set up to be a one-stop shop for jobseekers and top employers. The goal in almost every case is to help both parties find an ideal match. In addition to the usual job-site features, Careerbuilder will also email you daily recommendations. It has an entire section devoted to providing visitors advice and resources for making more efficient use of the site.

3.   Jobseeker. Jobseeker allows visitors to search by industry and location, narrowing search criteria based on a tailored list of preferences. Jobseekers can also create their own profiles and even upload resumes. This way, whenever you come across an opportunity that interests you, you can simply click a button, and forward your resume, and perhaps even a cover letter. In the meantime, having a profile on the site allows thousands of personnel directors immediate access, so they can use the same click of a button to reach out and contact you.

4.  Facebook. Chances are, you’ve already got a personal profile on Facebook. But it may be advantageous to begin developing your own professional page, as well. The account is free, and it allows you an opportunity to network with anyone on your Friends list. You never know who may be able to make a professional connection for you. Post quotes, pics, tips, or articles that promote your online business community. It’s a great way to engage, and it’s a lot of fun, as well.