5 Benefits of Going to Massage Therapy School

Be a part of this health and wellness career field

Are you into health and wellness? Would you like a career that promotes healthy lifestyles? If so, going to massage therapy school may be a good option for you. As a massage therapist, you would be able to provide clients with treatments that reduce stress, ease muscle pain, and contribute to overall wellness. Find out some of the benefits of this career path.

1. You can get trained as a massage therapist in just one year
Starting a new career doesn’t mean you have to spend 2, 4, or more years in college. Most massage therapy training programs take just one year to complete! They are designed to teach you the skills, techniques, and safety precautions that you will need to begin entry level employment in this field. For people who want to get started in a new career path quickly, the one-year training program is a real plus.

2. You can develop a strong rapport with your clients
One of the best benefits of becoming a massage therapist is helping your clients. Clients may come to you with sore muscles, tense areas, sports injuries, and mental stresses. And like magic, after a 50-minute massage, they walk out the door feeling a whole lot better. Being able to give your clients this kind of relief and relaxation is a very gratifying feeling.

3. You can stay in shape
If there’s one thing a massage therapist has, it’s strong hands and arms! Unlike jobs where you are stuck at a desk all day, a massage therapy job means that you will be physically active on the job. This will go a long way to keeping you in shape yourself! Massage therapists do need to be careful to take precautions to protect themselves from injuries such as carpel tunnel syndrome or neck or shoulder strain. With the right precautions, you can avoid these pitfalls and benefit from the physically active nature of this job field.

4. You will be trained for a variety of workplaces
As massage therapy is becoming a more mainstream treatment, there are more places where massage services are offered. As a massage therapist, you will be trained to work in a wide range of facilities, such as private spas, franchise spas, physical therapy offices, nursing homes, pain clinics, chiropractor offices, resorts, hotels, fitness centers and more. Some massage therapists even work on cruise ships!

5. You’ve got flexibility
When it comes to a career path, massage therapists enjoy some flexibility. Because of the large range of places where massage therapists work, there is a lot of variety and flexibility as far as work hours go. There may also be both part-time and full-time positions available, depending on what you need.

If you think these benefits fit your career goals, then you might want to explore this field. Find out more details about this career path in 5 Things to Know About Becoming a Massage Therapist.

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