5 Great Reasons to Donate Blood

Branford Hall Students Show What Life is All About

Amityville, NY and Branford, CT: Doing good has never been easier. Donating blood is one of the fastest and easiest ways to contribute to the well-being of others. The American Red Cross held blood drives at two different Branford Hall campuses this month. We are so proud of students and staff at our Amityville and Branford campuses for participating!

Some of the donors had given in the past, and some were first-timers. Whatever the case, we want to thank everyone for their generosity! Being willing to donate blood shows the community that we care enough to help others in a time of need. Here are some great reasons to give blood at our on-campus blood drives.

1. You help save lives
According to the American Red Cross, someone in the U.S. needs blood every 2 seconds. When you donate a pint of blood, it can save up to 3 lives! Your pint of whole blood contains red cells, platelets, plasma, and cryoprecipitate, and these components can be separated to help save more than one life.

2. You help people with many medical conditions
Most people think that blood transfusions are mostly used in emergency situations, like car accidents. And it is true that accident victims need blood urgently—sometimes as many as 100 pints of blood for one victim. But in addition, there are many other people in need of blood, and some need it on a regular basis. People with sickle cell disease can need blood transfusions frequently in their lives. Patients with cancer can need blood during their chemotherapy treatments. There are many people who may benefit if you decide to donate!

3. You will be joining a club of over 9.2 million people!
Each year, approximately 9.2 million people in the United States roll up their sleeves to give blood. Some people give several times per year, resulting in about 15.7 million donations per year. Yet this is still not enough. Blood needs to be used within about 42 days, so it cannot be stockpiled for long. There are frequent shortages when blood bank supplies run dangerously low. It’s always a good time to give!

4. The donation process is simple
There are four short steps you have to follow in order to give blood: registration, medical history and mini-physical, blood donation, and refreshments. The donation itself takes only about 10-12 minutes (the whole process from start to finish takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes).

5. Giving on behalf of your school is a great way to be part of your school and part of your community
It makes us so proud when Branford Hall staff, faculty, and students participate in a school-wide blood drive. This kind of generosity gives Branford Hall a good reputation in the community, and more importantly, it literally saves lives of others in our community. You can’t get more meaningful than that!

The Branford Hall Career Institute wishes to thank the students, staff, and faculty of the Branford, Connecticut and Amityville, New York campuses for being a part of this important event. Blood drives are a particularly fitting activity for our students who are enrolled in our 6 allied health and health/wellness programs:

In these programs, students are developing career skills in the field of healthcare, where they will make a positive impact on the health and wellness of others. It is a perfect fit with a giving activity like a blood drive. Hats off to everyone who donated!