5 Reasons to Become a Computer Network and Security Specialist

Computer networking and security are important in today’s digital world

Computer security is a high priority in every sector of the economy. The threat of hackers is real, and computer security specialists need to stay one step ahead. Without adequate security, a company’s networks can be compromised or shut down. Security breaches can be dangerous and costly. There is no doubt about it: Computer networking and security specialists are part of an important field.

If you are considering going to school for computer networking and security, be sure to spend some time researching your decision. To start, what are the benefits of a career in the field of Information Technology? Why are people choosing the IT field? To find out, read these top five reasons:

Benefit #1: You can get trained without going to a four-year college
Computer networking and security is a field that you can study without attending a four-year college. Many community colleges and private career schools offer training that can be completed in one to two years. Keep in mind that you will need to continue to seek out educational opportunities throughout your career, since the field of IT changes so quickly.

Benefit #2: IT skills are valuable in every industry
Nearly every sector of the economy uses computer networks and relies on them heavily to run their daily business. Think about all the major industries you can name: healthcare, banking, insurance, energy, pharmaceuticals, government, universities. You name it, they all rely on computers all day long. This makes your skills valuable across many industries.

Benefit #3: Good working environment
Most jobs in computer networking and security will take place in offices that are comfortable, air-conditioned environments with a professional atmosphere. You will work with a team of other IT specialists and may enjoy the camaraderie of others who have a strong understanding of computers and networks.

Benefit #4: People will appreciate you
If you work in an IT department for a company or organization, your work will be valued. Most people panic when their computers and devices aren’t working. Most typical users do not have enough know-how to trouble-shoot effectively. When you come to the rescue and get everyone’s computers running smoothly, you will be appreciated!

Benefit #5: Technology isn’t going away
In today’s changing economy, many people worry that their jobs will be replaced by technology. By choosing the IT field, you should be able to stay ahead of this trend. But even still, it is a competitive environment, so you will need to keep up your skills, trainings, and certifications in order to stay competitive. You don’t want to let your skills become outdated.

If you are comfortable with computers and want to learn more about this field, why not take some time to explore? To begin, find out what a computer networking specialist does on the job.  You can also explore the Occupational Outlook Handbook’s career profiles to find out what computer support specialists earn and what kind of job growth is predicted for the future. Who knows…today could be the start of a new career path for you!


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