5 Reasons to Go to Graphic Design & Animation School

The Benefits of a Graphic Design & Animation training program!

Graphic designers and animators are desired for their artistry, innovation, and technological savvy. They are the ones who take an under-developed idea and turn it into a visually pleasing product for their clients. They use their skills to produce professional products from websites to magazine images.

But what are the benefits of getting an education in graphic design? The graphic design career path can be rewarding for those who are passionate about art, design and animation. You can develop marketable skills and learn skills for a variety of real-world jobs.

Here are five reasons you may want to consider going to graphic design & animation school:

1. Develop your skills & build your portfolio

If you’ve always loved art and creating visuals, then a graphic design training program will help you develop your skills so you’re ready to use them in the professional world. In a training program you can learn about:

  • Design conceptualization
  • Light & effects
  • Graphic layout techniques using Adobe Creative Suite
  • Digital imaging
  • Visual communications
  • Multimedia production with Adobe After Effects
  • Web design

You’ll also learn the skills to create a DVD of your work so you can show your portfolio to potential employers and clients once you complete the program.

2. Use problem-solving skills

Many people assume graphic design & animation are solely creative fields. But the career path also requires you to use math and develop your problem-solving skills. You’ll have to use math for calculating proportions and lay out sizes. You’ll also need math for budgeting and bookkeeping. Math is part of the daily routine for most graphic designers. A graphic design & animation career also helps you use your problem-solving skills. As a creative designer, you’ll need to create and analyze why an image would appeal to certain audiences and how it should be designed, fit into creative mock-ups, and how to market it as a final product.

3. Variety

Going to graphic design school helps prepare you for a variety of jobs. As technology evolves, new graphic design positions are created. Depending on your training and skills with computer apps and software, you could find opportunities to work in many technological areas. You could work as a:

  • Web designer or web developer
  • Flash designer or animator
  • Graphic artist
  • Multimedia designer
  • Photoshop or Multimedia specialist

It can be an exciting opportunity to work in so many different fields that include the technology of today!

4. Learn marketing skills

Graphic designers produce many designs that are meant to sell products or services. In graphic design school, you will get to learn about what designs attract different audiences. You’ll learn how to use visual color solutions, light, and effects to build visual appeal. Marketing skills could help you sell your product to clients and help promote your skills to potential employers.

5. Work in professional environments

As a graphic designer, you have the opportunity to work in several different professional environments. You could work in industries ranging from advertising to entertainment. Most graphic design jobs are based in offices. If you freelance, you may have the opportunity to work from home.

Depending on your specific field or interest, you could work in:

  • Publishing companies
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Magazine, book, or directory companies
  • Ad agencies
  • Public relations agencies
  • Specialized design service companies

A graphic design training program offers many creative opportunities. But you could improve upon your creative skills with the marketing and digital tools a training program can give you. If you get an education in graphic design, you could make a desirable candidate for employers. Follow your heart and consider these reasons to go to graphic design & animation school.


This article is part of Branford Hall Career Institute’s weekly blog. If you’re interested in design and animation, consider our graphic design & animation career training program. The program is offered at our New Jersey campuses in Parsippany, Jersey City, and New Brunswick. Contact us for more information or to schedule a tour!