5 Things to Appreciate about Your Teacher or Instructor

Teachers go the extra mile to help their students succeed

Almost everyone has a teacher who stands out in their mind. It may be a grade school teacher who inspired you to learn to read. It may be a middle school teacher who helped you get through your awkward teenage years. Or maybe it is a high school teacher who helped you improve your attitude.

Here at Branford Hall Career Institute, we want our students to find inspiration from their teachers. Our faculty members work hard to bring meaningful learning activities to our students and to prepare them for their new career fields. Take a look at our top 5 reasons to appreciate your instructors.

1. Instructors care about their students
Your teachers and instructors are specialists in their career fields. They are passionate about their careers and want to teach their students that same level of enthusiasm. They want to provide students with the skills and information they need to succeed in their new career field. They know that not all students learn the same way. They are willing to take extra time to help students who may be struggling and find ways to push them to find success.

2. Teachers work harder than you may realize
As a student, you only get to see your teachers during class time. But have you ever thought about the extra work they do behind the scenes? Instructors spend a great deal of time planning lessons, setting up lab equipment, grading homework, preparing exams, and helping students individually. While you are busy doing homework, remember that your teacher is busy too!

3. Teachers have to learn too!
Instructors may be experts in their fields, but their fields are rapidly changing. Whether it’s a medical assistant course, HVAC/R course, or a computer networking course, the career fields are evolving every day. New technologies and procedures are developed that need to be taught to new students. Teachers have to keep up with the latest changes in their field by attending continuing education and professional development.

4. Teachers are flexible
Teaching is a field that requires flexibility, and teachers deserve our appreciation for this. If you’ve ever spent a day teaching, you know that a lesson plan never goes exactly as planned. Teachers have to constantly adapt their lessons to make sure the students are learning the material thoroughly. They have to be flexible when schedules change at the last minute. They need a sense of humor when a fire drill interrupts the first exam of the new year. They have to be patient when the projector doesn’t work. Teachers are great at going with the flow and finding a way to make the most out of every situation that comes their way.

5. Teachers think creatively
When teaching a room full of students, the motto “one size fits all” does not work. Everybody learns differently, and teachers have to use their creativity in order to reach the different learning styles of each student. Teachers are known for “thinking outside of the box” and developing new approaches to teaching students until they find the approach that works best. This kind of continuous improvement is something to be appreciated.

We hope this article has given you renewed appreciation of the teachers and instructors in your life. Thank you to all our Branford Hall staff and faculty for all the work you do to help our students each and every day!