5 Things Your Personal Fitness Trainer Wants You to Know

Getting in shape is serious business!

Do you have a personal trainer at the gym? At the Branford Hall Career Institute in Springfield, Mass., we are in the business of providing career-focused training to an up-and-coming group of professional fitness trainers. They are learning the latest and greatest in exercise trends and fitness practices.

If you want to know the inside story about what personal fitness is all about, check out Branford Hall’s list of the top 5 things your personal trainer wants you to know.

1. Weekly trainer sessions are just a start

Many gym clients have weekly sessions—which is terrific! Trainers are so happy that their clients are taking their health seriously! But remember, the weekly session is only a start. You need to have regular workouts throughout your week—using the exercises and techniques that your trainer recommends—in order to see the kind of progress you want.

2. Exercise is only one part of weight loss

Are you are going to your personal fitness trainer in hopes of losing weight? If so, that’s super, because exercise is one important strategy in any weight loss plan. However, it’s important to remember that you will also need to modify your diet in order to see the kinds of weight loss you are targeting. Your trainer can help you look at your current diet and find healthier alternatives to get you on the path to weight loss.

3. The proper fuel makes a difference

Even if you are trying to lose weight, it’s important to eat a healthy diet that gives you the fuel you need to work out. It’s not a good idea to come to the gym on an empty stomach. Instead, eat a protein-rich snack before coming—and be sure to drink a glass of water too. You need to stay hydrated while working out!

4. Most excuses can be resolved

Personal fitness trainers are great at being flexible. If you have a work meeting and have to skip your training session, call your trainer to try to reschedule. If you have sore muscles or even an injury, don’t cancel. Come to your appointment anyway, and your trainer will help you find appropriate exercises that you can still do.

5. Honesty is important

Personal fitness trainers are there to help you succeed in your fitness and weight loss goals. It’s important to be honest with them about what exercise you have done and the kind of diet you have kept throughout the week. There’s no need to be ashamed. We all have days and weeks where we don’t meet our targets. But being honest will help your trainer to create the best kind of workouts and plans for you.


We hope these tips are helpful next time you meet with your personal fitness trainer. If you find the field of exercise and fitness to be one of your passions, you might consider becoming a personal fitness trainer yourself. To find out more, visit Branford Hall’s website or contact us online.