5 Traits of a Graphic Designer

Characteristics to help make you a successful Graphic Designer!

Do you like to create through the mediums of drawing, design, and animation? Becoming a graphic designer & animation specialist can give you the creative and professional life you desire. As a graphic designer, you get to work with clients to create print and digital images and products like advertisements, animated videos, or interactive websites. Graphic designers may work as part of a team in media, photography, web development, or graphic design firms.

A graphic design school can help you build the skills you need to become a confident professional. Curious about what it’s like to work as a graphic designer? For example, what skills do you need to become a graphic designer?

Branford Hall offers you a list of five skills that help you become a successful graphic designer. These skills can help you decide if it’s the right career path to choose:

1. Creativity

It may be self-explanatory, but to be a successful graphic designer, one of the skills you need is creativity. Creativity helps you develop the ideas, patterns, and concepts that make your custom artwork relatable to clients and audiences. You will need to know which color schemes, design layouts, fonts, and compositions attract different viewers for different purposes. Creativity gives graphic artists the foresight to create visually-pleasing images that relate to the customers’ visions for their products.

2. Communication skills

Graphic designers need to understand and respect their clients’ ideas and expectations for each new project. When a new project is assigned to a graphic designer, they will meet with the art director or the clients to determine the concepts of a project. You will also need to present designs to clients and art directors. If a client has a suggestion, you will need to listen to their recommended changes for the final design. Graphic designers also need to coordinate their plans with outside agencies and printers depending on the project. You have to communicate clearly to your clients about your ideas, plans, and deadlines. As a professional, you need to be cooperative and responsive to your clients’ wishes.

3. Tech-savvy

Graphic design is a profession that relies heavily on technology. A graphic design training program helps you learn to use digital tools such as photo-editing software and layout software to create high-quality designs. Some graphic designers may need to create website layouts. Some professionals use digital animation tools to create drawings on computers. Most graphic designers will be educated on interactive web development, web scripting, multimedia production, and video and audio production during their training program. It’s important to stay updated with technological advances so that you can use the best software to remain competitive and present the sharpest designs for your clients and industry.

4. Be a team player

In most industries, graphic designers will work as part of a team. You will need to work with a team of professionals that may include writers, editors, project managers, art directors, and other graphic artists. You will need to make sure you meet deadlines so that you don’t let your team down. You will also need to report to a supervisor for reviews and adjustments of your design work. If you work as an independent graphic artist, you may be solely responsible for your own work. However, it’s important that you communicate with your clients as if they were teammates for suggestions and reviews of the work.

5. Problem-solving

All graphic designers need to use problem-solving skills to create designs. They need to stay aware of image sizes, proportions, and layout placement. Graphic artists must use problem-solving skills to correct coloring and to maximize the marketability of the products they create for clients. Sometimes they must determine how best to transform statistical data into diagrams or visual data. It’s your job to make sure that complex ideas are made simple so audiences can understand them more clearly.

Graphic designers have skill sets that often blend the artistic world with the business world. This job can offer a variety of platforms to express yourself and become a player in the fields of business or advertising. If you think graphic design school can help you develop these skills, then consider apply to a training program today!


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