5 Ways to Get Ahead in Your Medical Assistant Job

If you go the extra mile, your work may get noticed

Are you enrolled in a medical assistant school? Are you looking forward to the day when you can get started in your first job in your new field? Here is some advice for getting ahead in the job. This can apply to medical assistants as well as any job!

Rule #1: The 5 minutes early rule

Show up at your work station at least 5 minutes early every day. This means you need to budget time to get to work, park your car, walk into the facility, put your coat and lunch away, and be ready to go!

Rule #2: Keep a positive attitude

Working as a medical assistant is not always easy. There may be days where you feel like everything is going wrong. Patients may be running late and throwing off the schedule. Doctors and nurses may be busy and asking for your help with a million tasks. But if you are able to keep a positive attitude—even during the hardest days—this is the type of attribute that your supervisor will notice.

Rule #3: Be a team player—not a complainer

If there are things that everyone is grumbling about, try to become a problem-solver rather than complainer. If you see a process that could be done better, make a suggestion on how to become more efficient. If you see that work isn’t getting done in the office, step forward and volunteer to do it. If your supervisor asks you to do something new and different, be flexible and give it a try. This will help you be seen as a team player who wants to contribute to the success of the entire facility.

This does not mean you should let others take advantage of you. This does not mean that you should take on demeaning tasks like fetching people’s coffee. It simply means to look out for the good of the whole organization when you see something that could be better.

Rule #4: Keep on learning

In the field of medicine and medical assisting, things are always changing and improving. Keep yourself up to date with continuing education opportunities. Subscribe to professional journals. Learn from your co-workers who have more experience than you. Find out if there are additional responsibilities you could learn on the job, or better ways of doing the tasks you are already doing. The more you continue to improve, the better you will feel about your career, and people will notice!

Rule #5: Treat everyone with respect

No matter where you fall in the organization—from the top head honcho to those just starting out at entry-level—it’s important to treat everyone with respect. As a medical assistant, you will be reporting to nurses and doctors. Show your respect by taking their requests seriously, making eye contact, and speaking politely with them. For others in the office, from the receptionists to the cleaning staff, show your respect by always being friendly and polite. For fellow medical assistants, show your respect by sharing helpful information, avoiding gossip, and helping each other out when possible.

By following these tips, you will be on the route to being a valued employee! Best of luck to you as you set off in your medical assistant career!

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