5 Ways Your Smartphone Can Make Studying Easier

Apps that can help you through school

No matter what career training program you’re in at Branford Hall, chances are that you’re always looking for better ways to study, complete assignments, and do homework.

Since most of us have our phones with us all of the time anyway, it can be an effective strategy to occasionally look for smartphone apps to aid in studying.

With that in mind, here are a few apps that some students might find helpful.

Note: This list is not an endorsement, but rather a starting point for your own app searches. If an app that you’d like to try isn’t available on your phone system, try searching for “[APP NAME] alternative for Android/iPhone.”

1.  Notability

Ever look back at your notes and wonder what on earth they mean?  Notability takes the confusion out of your notes. This app allows you to record lectures while simultaneously taking notes using a keypad or a stylus.

When referring back to your notes, you can tap a word to hear the audio from the exact moment that you made the notation. Even cooler: While listening to the recording, watch your notes light up in real time to reflect what you wrote.

2.  Dictionary.com

Yes, it’s a dictionary in your phone. Easy. Useful.

If you want to pay to upgrade, you can also get access to specialized dictionaries for medical terms or other options, which could be useful for students in medical coding and billing training programs.

3.  Google Drive

Need a better way to store your computer files? You don’t need to be a student in the computer networking program to see the benefits of using Google Drive.

Google Drive offers free cloud storage that’s accessible from any mobile device with a WiFi connection.

What the big benefit? If your computer dies, your documents can live on because they’re stored in the “cloud.” To retrieve them, just login to your Google account from another device.

4.  WiFi Finder

Who doesn’t want WiFi all the time? This app will tell you where the closest hotspot is based on your location.

5.  My Fitness Pal

No, this one is not a study aid, exactly, but staying healthy and fit can help you power through school more successfully.

Use this app to can track food intake, exercise, and even sleep.

Do you have some great app suggestions to share? Post them on the Branford Hall Facebook page so other students can use them as well!