6 FAQs about a Massage Therapy Career

Find out what a massage therapy career has to offer!

Are you thinking about going back to school for a new and invigorating career path? Massage therapy may be an active and exciting career option that keeps you on your toes. Branford Hall Career Institute offer a variety of career training programs at our numerous campuses.

One popular path for students is our massage therapy training program. This career program is designed to give you the techniques and professional skills you need for this career choice. Before you enter the training program, you may want to learn more about what the massage therapy has to offer. Here are six FAQs you should know about the massage therapy career field.

Q #1: What do massage therapists do?

A: Massage therapists provide assistance to patient and clients with aches and pains in the body. They use their touch and various techniques to relieve pain, heal injuries, and improve circulation in muscles and soft tissues of various body parts. The massage techniques they use may also reduce stress and induce relaxation. These health and wellness specialists evaluate and talk to patients about their symptoms and what they expect to gain from the massage. These masseuses may also educate clients on stretching techniques, strengthening muscles, and improvement of posture. Administrative tasks, like scheduling appointments, conducting marketing, and maintaining patient records, may also be required.

Q #2: Where do massage therapists work?

A: Massage therapists work in a variety of environments. They may work in spas, hotels, clinics, hospitals, doctors’ offices, out-patient centers, or fitness centers. Some work in private massage therapy practices, while others work out of their own homes or travel to the residences of clients. Generally, massage therapists work in tranquil settings to maintain a relaxing environment. If you like the mix of staying active in peaceful environments, massage therapy might be a career path for you.

Q #3: What are the typical hours for a massage therapist?

A: The work schedule for massage therapists vary greatly. If you work in a massage therapy studio or spa, you may work more traditional hours. Since massage techniques require a lot of strength and endurance, many massage therapists do not work full eight hour shifts. Schedules may also vary by the number of appointments booked in one day. In 2014, over half of massage therapists worked part-time.

Q #4: What is the job outlook like for massage therapists?

A: According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, a publication of the U.S. Department of Labor, the job outlook for massage therapists is positive. Between 2014 through 2024, this job field is expected to grow by 22 percent. It is expected that demand will increase due to a wider acceptance of massages’ health benefits and the increase of massage clinic franchises in recent years. Now may be a good time to learn the technical skills in a training program.

Q #5: How much do massage therapists earn?

A: The amount that massage therapists earn may vary greatly. The Occupational Outlook Handbook offers a section on pay for massage therapists and provides a median annual wage as of May 2015. A median wage means that half of all workers earned more than the average and have earned less. Wages fluctuate by work setting, experience, and geographic location. To get a good sense of the average wages for entry-level massage therapists in your area, search on job listing sites like Monster or Indeed. You may find an estimated salary for some positions.

Q #6: Is massage therapy a rewarding career path?

A: A massage therapy career may be a rewarding career path for those who like to interact with people and stay active during the day. You may like meeting new patients and building relationships with returning customers. You could even gain a sense of pride or passion in providing health and wellness care to those in your local community.

We hope these six answers help you decide if massage therapy is a convenient and exciting career path to pursue.


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