6 FAQs about a Professional Fitness Trainer Career

Discover important answers to questions about a personal fitness training profession!

If you enjoy staying active, creating workout routines, and helping others, a great career path for you may be that of a professional fitness trainer. This career allows you to interact with others and help people reach their fitness goals in an energetic environment.

Entering a professional fitness training program may be a big step in your career. It’s important not to rush into a career choice. Slow down and think about what each option entails before you enroll in a program. Branford Hall Career Institute features six commonly asked questions about this career path. We hope this short guide helps you determine if a personal fitness trainer career is worthwhile to pursue.

Q #1: What does a personal fitness trainer do?

A: Professional fitness trainers instruct, motivate, and lead individuals or groups. They create individualized or group-centered exercise routines including cardiovascular activities, strength training, and stretching. They may work with people of all different ages and abilities. During a typical day, they will show trainees how to properly maintain form and perform various exercises. They spot patients as they perform their exercises to minimize injury. At the gym, safety always comes first. Personal fitness trainers promote safety rules and regulations when it comes to recreational activities, sports, and equipment usage. They also offer tips and explanations on how to perfect a client’s form or technique. Trainers may provide alternative exercises for different experience levels. They’ll monitor a client’s progress and update the program when needed. They also provide clients with information to encourage a healthier lifestyle. If an emergency arises, professional trainers offer first aid.

Q #2: Where do personal fitness trainers work?

A: Professional fitness trainers usually work in fitness and recreational sports centers like gyms or other community health and fitness facilities. They may work in civic and community organizations, government facilities, or healthcare-related and social assistance businesses. You may also find fitness trainers in specific studios like Pilates and yoga businesses or franchises. Sometimes they work in the home studios of individual clients.

Q #3: What does a typical work schedule demand?

A: Work schedules may vary by the facility in which you work. Many professional fitness trainers may work nights, weekends, or holidays. Sometimes they may begin their days early. Some travel between different gyms or health facilities. Trainers may also travel to the private client homes to conduct private sessions. Fitness trainers may also work full-time jobs during the day and conduct personal training or group classes during evenings or weekends.

Q #4: What is the job outlook like for this profession?

A: According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Outlook Handbook, employment is projected to grow by 8 percent from 2014-2024 for professional fitness trainers. The increase in employment may be due to the popularity of exercise and healthier lifestyles to combat obesity and diseases.

Q #5: How much can I expect to earn as a professional fitness trainer?

A: The wages for a professional fitness trainer may vary by facility, location, experience, and demand. Under the Pay section of the Occupational Outlook Handbook, you can find the median annual wage for this career position. (The median annual wage means that half of the personal fitness trainers earned more than the median wage and half earned less.) Do your homework and browse through local fitness trainer positions in your local area to see what types of wages are offered in your area. This may give you an idea of how much you could earn. Browse through job posting sites like LinkedIn or Indeed.

Q #6: Is working as a professional fitness trainer rewarding?

A: A personal fitness trainer career can be very fulfilling. If you find physical activity motivating, then this may be a fun career path for you. You may find added rewards in this career because you get to help others with creative and personalized workouts. Personal fitness training is a popular job because you can utilize your mind and body to instruct others and create healthier routines and lifestyle patterns for your clients. As a professional trainer, you’ll be on your feet each day, which may be beneficial for your own health!

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