8 Tips for Making New Friends in Class

Getting to know your classmates can make your school experience better

After high school is over, you may find that your friends have all gone in different directions. Some may be in college. Some may have started a new job. Others might be still searching for what to do.

Trying to find your new place in life can be difficult. If you are starting college or career school, you may feel lonely or homesick for your high school days and high school friends. You might look around your classes and realize that you don’t know anyone.

Here are some tips for making the most of this new chapter in your life. Use these tips to reach out to your new classmates and begin making new friends. Making new friends can help make your post-high school education a better experience for you.

Start by asking questions
If you’re not sure how to start up a conversation with a new person, begin by asking them a question. Normally people are happy to open up and talk about themselves. You could try something about school, like, “Did you understand this lesson?” or “How do you like this class?” or “Where did you go to high school?”

Be a good listener
Listening is an important part of any friendship, whether it’s a new or old friendship. Listen carefully to what your classmate is saying, and then respond with something related to what they were saying. Make mental notes of things they say, so that you can follow up on the same topic the next time you see the person.

Pay compliments
If you notice a classmate doing something well or wearing something you like, simply give them a quick compliment. People always love to receive compliments, and it will open the door to more conversation.

Share a little about yourself
When meeting new people, it’s important to share a little bit about yourself too. You don’t want to talk too much and dominate the conversation, but you also don’t want to clam up and not say anything. Try to balance out the conversation so you are each talking and listening about half the time.

Do kind things
Doing kind things for other people is a good way to show that you care about developing a positive relationship with them. It can be something as simple as holding the door, giving them a smile, or sharing your notes if they missed class.

Make them laugh
The quickest way to a new friendship is to laugh together. Don’t try too hard to be funny—that usually backfires. But if you can find something that you both find to be funny, it’s always good to share a good laugh.

Get together outside of class time
Once you’ve gotten to know a classmate during class time, you might want to invite them to do something outside of class. See if they want to sit with you at lunch or study together or take a walk around your school.

Join an activity
Extra-curricular activities like student council or service projects are a great way to meet new people outside of class time. These activities usually allow you to socialize and can really make you feel like you are part of your school.

We hope these tips help you get used to making new friends in your new school environment. You shouldn’t forget your high school friends, but making new friends in your new school will help make your experience more memorable and enjoyable. Good luck!


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