A Culinary Arts Sample Resume

Put your writing skills to use with our sample as a guide!

Have you completed culinary arts school and are now ready to enter the professional field! It’s now time to prepare for your job search!

As you look through the list of job positions you’d like to apply for, you will also be developing and writing a resume that will standout to potential employers!

Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of work experience. A skills-based resume can showcase your skills and education instead. You may be able to impress your boss by listing the technical skills you can do well.

Sometimes writing a resume is hard. You might not know where to start. Branford Hall Career Institute features a sample culinary arts resume! Perhaps, using a guide can help make your job search much easier. If you’re a student or recent graduate, visit our Career Services Department if you’d like more help with your job search. Contact us at your leisure. We’re always here to help! Our sample is below:

Amos Jones
1615 Meadow Road – Springfield, MA 01101

Mobile: 234-888-5555 – Email: amos.jones@example.com
LinkedIn: yourLinkedInURLhere


Trained culinary arts professional seeks employment with LeVenere Restaurant. Dedicated to creating high-quality aesthetic dishes. Experienced in restaurant management, marketing, and dessert baking. Maintain a clean and healthy environment for customers. Works well in a team setting.


Prepare and maintain sanitary food stations – Review food stock for quality —Weigh, measure, and mix ingredients – Bake and grill a variety of ingredients – Arrange and garnish dishes – Maintain and sanitize cooking utensils and supplies – Cook, handle, and store foods

Culinary Arts Intern, (Unpaid)
Oak Lane Restaurant, Springfield, MA – January 2016 to March 2016

– Helped prepare dishes for approximately 100 customers per day
– Maintained and updated customer meal orders
– Communicated with dining guests about needs
– Cleaned and sanitized cooking utensils and stations
– Chopped and prepared ingredients for dishes
– Baked, grilled, and cooked a variety of meals including desserts
– Reordered supplies and food ingredients
– Worked under the supervision of a head chef

Starbucks Coffee, Springfield, MA– May 2014 to January 2016

– Served 50-250 customers per day
– Created quality coffee drinks and specialized orders for customers
– Managed cash register
– Received positive feedback from supervisor

Branford Hall Career Institute, Springfield, MA (accredited school)

Diploma, August 2016
XXX-hour program; XXX-hour internship placement

Springfield High School, Springfield, MA
Diploma, 2014

-Madeline Jones, Instructor, Branford Hall Career Institute,  Phone: 222-222-2222
-Nicole Mellon, Internship Supervisor, Starbucks Coffee, Phone: 555-333-3555


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