A Day in the Life of a Personal Fitness Trainer

Find out if you have the energy and enthusiasm to work in this profession

For some people, the demands of being a personal fitness trainer come naturally. If you enjoy staying fit and healthy, then working in this field may be the ideal way to marry your personal passion for fitness with a desire to help others. Do you have what it takes to be a personal fitness trainer? Like many careers, it takes dedication, hard work, and commitment to succeed in this field. With the right approach and the right attitude, you may find becoming a personal fitness trainer to be a good path for you.

If you’re considering this as a possible career, here is some basic information about personal fitness training as a profession:

Work anywhere

Personal trainers can work in fitness centers, gyms, private health clubs, hotels, resorts, cruise ships, recreation centers, hospitals, universities, and private studios. They can also work independently out of their own home gyms or clients’ homes.

Varied hours

These professionals can work a range of shifts during the day or night—to accommodate the schedules of busy clients. Your biggest challenge may be finding a time to fit in your own workout, as you’ll spend most of your day helping others.

People skills

Personal fitness trainers need to be comfortable talking with their regular clients as well as new clients. Each day you may have opportunities to meet with potential new clients. To get them on board, it’s important that you have good people skills and are confident in promoting the benefits of having a personal fitness trainer.

An early start

As a trainer, it’s likely you’ll be getting up early in the morning to fit in sessions for your early-bird clients before they start their workday. If you’re not at your best in the early morning, then you might try to find a position training clients after work or at night.

Playing a supportive role

Every day you’ll spend a significant amount of time listening to the needs of your clients. You’ll conduct a fitness assessment with each new client, so you can develop an individualized exercise and/or nutritional program. Then, your role becomes motivational, to inspire and lead your clients to reach their goals. Each day, you’ll be working to demonstrate proper techniques and adjust the techniques of your clients, to maximize their safety. Your goal is to support them in achieving their desired results over time.

Lead by example

In this career, you might find some down time in the middle of the day or early afternoon. Whatever your schedule, it’s important you get enough rest and “walk the walk” by eating a healthy diet and fitting in your own workouts so you have the energy and strength you need.

This is a unique role, in that you help your clients find realistic goals and then support, motivate, and inspire them to succeed. If you think this career could be right for you, start researching programs like the one at Branford Hall. It could lead to the profession you’ve been looking for!


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