Are You Cut Out for HVAC Training?

Being an HVAC/R tech requires mechanical skills and physical endurance

Are you mechanically-inclined? If you are, you might be a good candidate for an HVAC/R training program. Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC/R) technicians play an important role in today’s economy. Across every industry and the residential sector, HVAC/R systems are being used 24/7. If you’ve ever had a power outage where lose your air conditioning, you know how important it is to keep HVAC systems up and running correctly!

HVAC/R technicians are the trained professionals who are there to set up new systems, repair existing systems, and replace failing systems. Becoming an HVAC/R technician may be within your reach. Find out below what it takes for this career, and how you can get enrolled in training.

What traits are important for HVAC/R technicians?

According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, there are some key traits that will help you be successful in this career field:

  • Customer-service skills: As an HVACR technician, you need to be polite and friendly, because you are often interacting directly with the customer.
  • Detail-oriented: Paying attention to detail is important, because you have to follow manuals carefully in order to do repairs and installations.
  • Mechanical: In this job, you will be assembling, installing, and programming complicated systems, and you need to be comfortable with all the various components.
  • Physical strength and stamina: Strength and endurance are important because you will be expected to be on your feet and active for most of your workday. You will also need to lift and hold heavy equipment or components.
  • Time management: As a technician, you will be assigned to several service calls per day. You will need to manage time carefully so that you can fit in all your work.
  • Trouble-shooting/analytical: You will be called on to trouble-shoot systems that aren’t working correctly. This takes a good understanding of the components and an ability to analyze what might be wrong.

How do I become an HVAC/R technician?

Getting trained to become an HVAC/R technician could be a possibility for you. The training programs can be done at vocational schools, private career schools, or community colleges. You don’t need to have any prior experience. Most programs can be completed in less than one year, and give you the mechanical skills you need to work on both residential and commercial systems. Some of the things you learn in your program will include:

  • Overview of air conditioning and heat pumps
  • How to diagnose electrical and mechanical problems
  • Understanding refrigeration cycles
  • Understanding air handling units
  • Oil, gas, and water-based heating systems
  • Installation of factory-built HVACR systems
  • Commercial refrigeration systems

To find out more about this career choice, try What Do HVAC/R Technicians Do? This article explains what it’s like to work in this field. If you think HVAC/R training is a good career field for you, then take action now. Try to find a program near you, and put in your application today.

If you are located in the Bohemia, NY or Springfield, MA region, the Branford Hall Career Institute offers an HVAC/R training program that could be a good fit for you. Find out more by contacting us online. We hope your career training begins with us!