Are you ready to get cooking?

The top three reasons why you should go to Culinary Arts School

No doubt—food is in these days! From Top Chef to The Great American Baking Show, Americans love their food. If you’ve ever thought you could throw down with Bobby Flay, you may want to consider exploring a career in the food industry.

Do you have what it takes to become a professional cook? If you have a passion for cooking and a flare for creativity, becoming a cook can be a rewarding career. Under the supervision of a head chef, head cooks, and food service managers, cooks prepare, season, and bake food from appetizers to desserts. A cook’s other responsibilities may include helping set the daily menu, ordering supplies, or adjusting prices.

A culinary arts program like the one at Branford Hall Career Institute can give you the skills needed to succeed in all aspects of the food service industry from cooking to restaurant management. Below are the some of the top reasons you should consider a culinary arts training program.

1. Learn the basics

It may not be as exciting as what you see on television cooking shows, but learning the basics is essential to becoming a cook. Cooks often work under a lot of pressure and are expected to cut and prepare food at a fast pace. Without basic skills to rely on, cooks can easily find themselves overwhelmed in the kitchen.

A culinary arts training program may provide the basic skills you need to succeed. You will learn knife skills and when and how to use other kitchen equipment; safety and sanitation, and the essentials of the professional kitchen.

2. Hands-on learning

A culinary arts school provides a combination of academic, lab work, and hands-on classes. This combination allows you to learn and make mistakes outside the stress of a real kitchen. At Branford Hall, you will complete 600 lecture hours and 600 lab hours. You can take courses in healthy cooking, restaurant management, restaurant marketing, and even wine and beer!  This is followed up by a 360 hour externship where you are working in actual kitchen conditions.

3. Taste new flavors

Most signature dishes aren’t created overnight. They take time to develop by combining different ingredients until the right mixture is found. A culinary training program will introduce you to new flavors, educate you on flavor pairings, and provide the foundation for new dishes you will create. You may even learn about ethnic cuisine and common flavors found around the world. At Branford Hall, you can take an international cuisine course that focuses on Asia, the Middle East, Australia, and Latin America. You will learn about each region’s unique spices and then prepare authentic dishes in the lab.

Attending culinary school can help you hone your skills, develop your creativity, and learn the latest food trends in a classroom environment. If you are thinking about turning your passion for food into a career, read more about How to Be a Better Culinary Arts Professional.

If you are interested in our culinary arts training program or learning more about our other career training programs, please explore the options, request information, schedule a tour at one of our 10 campuses, or call a career advisor at 1-800-959-7599.