Back to School Season is Here!

It’s time to prepare for new beginnings!

Summer is winding down and September marks the official back to school season! You’ll see signs of going back to school everywhere. If you’re back in a training program this fall, now’s a good time to start reorganizing your lifestyle and making sure you’re prepared for each new step.

Here are several tips for students to reorganize and prepare for a more efficient school season:

  • At home, clean out those messy, dirty spaces and reorganize your closets. Get rid of attire you don’t wear anymore and donate them to local charities.
  • Check your home’s smoke detectors. Are your batteries charged? Give your alarms a test to make sure they work correctly. Make sure you have a fire extinguisher on hand and an up-to-date escape plan in case of an emergency.
  • A new school season calls for random acts of kindness! It’s a great time to give back and inspire your generous spirit. Find out about local Red Cross donation locations in your area.
  • Schedule an appointment with your optometrist. Make sure you get a new pair of glasses or contacts if you need them. You could also buy a cheap, new pair of sunglasses. Protecting your eyes can help make life easier at school and work. If you’re a driver, it will make the road safer for yourself and other drivers.
  • Prepare for school. Go to the dollar store or a second-hand shop and purchase all the materials you need. Make sure to get folders, pencils, and a heavy-duty book bag for your school items. You’ll want to be prepared for your first day!
  • Organize your study material by course.  Make sure you date your papers and keep them in the correct spot.
  • Get a dental checkup. Scheduling a dental appointment every six months helps . Staying on top of your dental health will help you feel healthier and save you money!
  • Find new, interesting recipes to cook! Making the same meals can become repetitive and boring. Expand your horizons by cooking exotic dishes or making a meal you wouldn’t normally eat. You can find new or seasonal recipes on Pinterest, the Food Network website, and other online food magazines.
  • Get out and socialize! Reach out to friends you haven’t seen in a while. Check-in with family members. Write an email or text so others know you’re thinking of them. Plan a meet-up with people you haven’t seen in a while.
  • Visit the library. Going to your local library offers you free resource and reading material. Get a library card to take out books, recordings, or films. It’s also a great place to study or relax away from the chaos of the outside world.
  • Visit the doctor. Make an appointment with your primary care physician. Going for a yearly checkup or physical can put your mind at ease if there are no signs of problems.
  • Stay active. Make an exercise routine or change up your old one. You can even find new exercise trends such as Soul Cycle, Orange Theory, or krav maga. Browse through online fitness magazines and other sources for workout ideas.
  • Explore the arts. Watch a different genre of film or read a new book. Expanding your perspective rather than watching the same movies or TV shows can help inspire you and make you a fully-rounded individual. It’s always great to give back and interact with the world around you!

Take advantage of what life has to offer and remember to plan accordingly. Staying active and organized can help you feel enthusiastic about life and help stabilize your mood. We hope these tips help you make a fresh, new start and take advantage of the new school season! Branford Hall Career Institute wishes our students good luck in their new courses.


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