Becoming a Professional Fitness Trainer

5 reasons people like this career

Here are some of the many reasons that people decide on this career:

Reason 1: Professional Fitness Trainers get to do what they love

Most people choose professional fitness training as a career because they love fitness. If you love to work out at the gym, if you have always valued health and fitness in your life, and if you want to help others discover the benefits of being fit, then this career might be the career for you. Most trainers who work at a gym are able to find time before or after work to fit in their own workout. This is a great way to stay fit throughout your entire career.

Reason 2: You get to know your clients

In some jobs where you are working with the public, you might not see the same customers more than one or two times. As a professional fitness trainer, however, you get repeat customers, which means you have the opportunity to get to know them. This can be a very enjoyable part of the job. Make sure you use your best customer service skills and find ways to encourage your clients to come back to you.

Reason 3: You see tangible improvements in your clients

You know those “before” and “after” photos? Your job helps people go from “before” to “after!” It can be very gratifying to see a client who was once out of shape become more fit, strong, and healthy. Not only will you notice improvements in physical fitness, but you might also notice that your clients’ self-confidence is improved. Being a part of the clients’ progress toward fitness is one of the rewards of this job.

Reason 4: You can work in a variety of work settings

Most professional fitness trainers work at gyms and health clubs. But don’t forget that other facilities may also hire trainers, such as hospitals, recreation centers, hotels, or spas. A job as a trainer also provides you with a variety of activities that keep your days interesting. Your days could include everything from working with a one-on-one client and developing a comprehensive fitness plan, to instructing group exercise classes, or explaining equipment safety rules.

Reason 5: You get to wear workout clothes to work

Some jobs require uniforms, others require business attire, and others require scrubs. As a professional fitness trainer, you get to wear your workout clothes (or the gym’s required workout wear). What is more comfortable than that?

Getting trained as a professional fitness trainer is within your reach! Most training schools require less than one year of study to learn the skills and background you need to begin this career.

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