Branford Hall Medical Assistant Instructor Named Faculty of the Month

Jersey City’s Desiree Gordon knows what it means to inspire her students

Jersey City, NJ: Desiree Gordon is an inspiration to her students. As a Medical Assistant Instructor at Branford Hall Career Institute, she is one of the many instructors who make our school so proud. Ms. Gordon works at the Jersey City campus of Branford Hall, and brings three things with her every day: enthusiasm for teaching, compassion for her students, and a good solid knowledge of the field of medical assisting.

This month, Ms. Gordon was awarded the Faculty of the Month award. This is a high recognition for instructors, and Branford Hall was honored to be able to present her with the award. We recognize instructors who go above and beyond the call of duty, and make a positive impact on our students. Ms. Gordon is just this type of instructor.

What makes a Branford Hall Instructor Outstanding

What does it take to teach medical assisting at Branford Hall? It takes someone who knows how to work with our students, and who can make the world of medical assisting come alive. Compassion is such an important teaching quality. Students come from all walks of life, and a good teacher knows how to use a combination of empathy, high expectaions, and inspiration to motivate students to want to succeed.

The Medical Assistant program at Branford Hall is a one-year degree program that prepares students with the clinical skills they need to begin an entry-level job in the field of medical assisting. Medical assistants can work in doctors’ offices, hospitals, surgery centers, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities.

One of the important aspects of getting a medical assisting diploma from Branford Hall is our internship program. While our courses already contain a lot of hands-on learning, we believe there is no substitute for real on-the-job experience. At the end of our formal classroom courses, our students are each assigned to an unpaid internship. Our internships are at real work sites, such as hospitals, clinics, and doctors’ offices near the school. Under the supervision of a site supervisor, the students are expected to treat their internships like their first true job in their new field. This is valuable experience that gives students more confidence as they begin their job search.

As the program comes to an end, instructors like Ms. Gordon find that it is bittersweet to say goodbye to the students and launch them into their new careers. But we are always so proud of our students and wish them the best as they spread their wings.

Our faculty members like Ms. Gordon are chosen for their experience in the job fields. They have the background knowledge and the clinical skills to teach students what it is like in the real workplace. We also have an Advisory Board made up of practitioners who help ensure that our curriculum and teaching stay current with the state of the industry.

Other career training programs at Branford Hall

In addition to Medical Assisting, we also offer career-focused programs in fields such as Culinary Arts, Massage Therapy, Medical Billing and Coding, Surgical Technology, and more. We have campuses located throughout New Jersey, Connecticut, and New York. Come check out Branford Hall, and see if your new career will begin with us!