Branford Hall Opens an Expansive New Facility in Albany

Students, instructors, and staff enjoy a space that’s customized for healthcare training

In mid-February, Branford Hall Career Institute’s Albany campus relocated to an impressive new facility in the city’s Capitol Hill section, at 155 Washington Avenue.
Branford Hall offers two training programs at this location: medical assisting and medical billing and coding, which both prepare students for careers in the healthcare field.

Branford Hall has taken over the entire third floor of this office building, after six months of renovations to customize the space to suit the needs of students, faculty, and staff. Encompassing 15,750 square feet, the Branford facility features four full-size, fully outfitted medical labs, which also offer lovely views overlooking the city.

These full-service spaces include:

  • an EKG lab, where students learn to perform electrocardiograms, prepare patients for these procedures, and place probes in the correct position.
  • a clinical skills lab, for practicing the taking of vital signs (blood pressure, height, weight) and administering wound care.
  • a phlebotomy lab, where students learn the basic procedures of collecting blood. The lab equipment includes phlebotomy chairs as well as a number of prosthetic arms that students use to practice needle insertion.
  • a dedicated space for learning lab procedures and testing a variety of specimens, including basic pregnancy tests, urinalysis, and cultures such as strep tests.

In addition to two computer labs and five lecture classrooms, the facility also houses the other functions of the Albany campus, including Admissions, Financial Aid, and Career Services—all on one floor.

“This terrific new location is in the heart of the city, near the Capitol building,” says Campus Director Cathlene Schwartzbeck. For the previous decade, the campus had been located on the outskirts of the city. “This location makes a huge difference for our students,” Schwartzbeck says. “Access to our campus is more convenient than ever.” There are bus stops at either end of the block, which serve a handful of different routes. She adds that some students are now even able to walk to campus from where they live.

The New York State Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision (BPSS) approved the new location after a site visit in late January. The facility is fully wheelchair accessible. The building is secure and there is intercom for student access. Even the neighbors occupying the building’s other floors are in industries related to healthcare. One is a nurse’s association and the other is a union devoted to heath and public safety.

In the first week at the new location, Branford Hall held its traditional “Pinning” ceremony in the new student lounge, and then held another on Monday, Feb. 27. This tradition recognizes the students’ hard work in completing coursework and also their readiness for the internship/externship aspect of their training. The school will schedule a ribbon cutting ceremony in the coming weeks.


Branford Hall provides essential skills, training, and real-world experience to help students in their fields of training. We strive to empower students with knowledge. For more information, visit www.branfordhall.edu.