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Healthcare workers can achieve great things when they assist patients in helpful ways. There are various positions and roles that are vital in the healthcare industry from nurses who work directly with patients to professionals who work behind-the-scenes.

Do you want to become part of the healthcare community? A medical billing and coding job gives you independence and an understanding of the technicalities  that help maintain the healthcare industry.

Medical billing and coding professionals–also called health claims specialists—are responsible for reviewing, coding, processing, and submitting health insurance claims so that healthcare providers are payed on time and patients receive correct billing statements. These professionals maintain the accuracy of medical records and coding procedures. This career requires attention to detail, an ethical mindset, and work with technology.

Does this career interest you? If so, then learn what courses are offered in Branford Hall’s Medical Billing and Coding program. You can learn more about our training programs below:


We offer our Health Claims Specialist training program at our Connecticut campuses, as well as our New York and New Jersey locations. Distinct course offerings are part of each state’s training program. Below is a sample of courses for each state:

Connecticut sample courses

Medical Coding: This course features an overview of how to analyze disease, injury, and procedure descriptions into numeric and diagnostic codes.

Introduction to Insurance: Students are introduced to the health insurance industry, terminology, and reimbursement processes. Insurance plans, management care systems, and eligibility and benefit options are covered.

Computerized Billing Simulation: Students get to know electronic medical billing and coding software used in computerized billing. Students may participate in simulated billing lessons and entering patient information, appointment scheduling, billing and payment processing, and handling claims.

New York sample courses

Health Insurance: The course familiarizes students with healthcare language, insurance terminology, insurance types, and benefit structures like workers’ compensation and managed care plans. Medical law and ethics of insurance companies and healthcare providers are included in the lesson plan.

Medical Terminology: This course is designed to teach students about anatomical structures of the body, cells, and tissues. Medical terminology, language, and more are featured in this course.

Medical Administrative Procedures: Students may grasp problem-solving skills and handling conflict while multitasking in a business office environment. This course is structured to teach communication and interpersonal skills.

New Jersey sample courses

Medical Office Procedures: Administrative duties in a medical facility are emphasized. Students may learn how to format medical records, schedule appointments, and retain files. Computerized account management, medical terminology, anatomy, and disease processes are also highlighted.

Health Information Technology: Students may practice medical billing and coding of body systems and procedures, medical terminology, anatomy, and more.

Medical Billing & Coding: This course covers basic coding of diagnostic diseases and medical procedures. An overview of computer information systems and software applications for applying diagnostic codes and processing and submitting claims are offered. Pharmacology and other medical terminology lessons are also offered.

Apply to our Health Claims Specialist Program

If you’re interested in this career program, you can apply online! We just require that our students have a high school diploma or equivalent (such as a GED). Our program may be completed within a year so you can get out into the workforce in a short time frame. All training programs offer the opportunity for real-world experience in an externship or internship.

You can learn more about this program by reading What It’s Like to be a Health Claims Specialist.

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