Branford Medical Coding Student Adds New Skills to Growing Resume

Workforce vet views training program as a springboard

Donna Owens is not a stranger to the business world. For years she worked as an executive assistant for a vice president in public relations. But the company Owens was working for underwent a management change, and, as a result, she lost her job.

In the months that followed, Owens moved back from Washington, DC, to New Jersey. Despite some unfortunate circumstances, she saw the life change as an opportunity.

“I didn’t want to go back to working as an executive assistant because most companies were hiring right out of college,” Owens admitted. “So I started to consider going back to school, and eventually I enrolled at Branford. Most of the schools I had looked at only offered a two-year program. But Branford offered to teach me a lot of the same skills in 10 months, and I liked the fact that the program seemed to be a bit more condensed.”

An emphasis on the rewards

Today, having entered the final third of Branford’s medical coding and billing training program, Owens is points out that the courses require a great deal of focus, but in a positive way.

“They’re thorough at Branford,” Owens explains. “It’s intensive, but they’re teaching us in a way that I feel like I can take these skills and go out into the world and do the job that I’m going to be required to do … I’ve got three more modules left, and then I have an externship. And I already feel like I can go out into a medical facility and code and bill.”

Owens likes the way her program is set up, and she credits Branford’s instructors with having the experience to teach students how to excel at several lesser-known aspects of the job.

“My instructor teaches at Branford full-time,” Owens said. “But she’s also working as a medical coder. So she has a lot of knowledge, and from day one she’s gone through all the medical terminology, so we can understand the billing. As we’re learning the body systems, she’s also teaching us what we have to learn about each disease, the condition, or the injury. And then she’s teaching us how to code based on each related procedure. And the thing is, she’s teaching us in a way that we can understand it, and we can incorporate it into what we have to do.”

A shining endorsement

According to Owens, it’s Branford’s culture that makes a difference across the board. Students are given an opportunity to succeed, so long as they’re willing to put in the effort and the time.

“If you’re thinking about coming to Branford, I would highly suggest it,” Owens said. “A lot of two-year programs will require you to take filler classes. But I feel like at Branford I’m focusing on the skills I’ll need to go out and perform in the workplace. That’s good because I know at some point [my responsibility] will be about going out and doing the job as opposed to just getting a decent grade on a paper.”

Along those lines, Owens looks forward to graduating from Branford at the end of the spring and pursuing a full-time future in the field.

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