Branford’s Albany Campus: Welcoming Students, New & Old

Healthcare campus endorses traditional – and optimistic – values  

As the Director of Admissions at Branford Hall’s Albany campus, Tim Tubbs has an office located near the ground-level door. Tubbs likes it that way, particularly because the location allows him an opportunity to meet and greet students as they arrive to attend their classes every day.

“It’s like a high,” Tubbs explained. “One of the most exciting parts about having the ground-level office is seeing someone who’s interested in enrolling as he or she arrives on campus for the first time. There are mornings when I know I have six or seven appointments like that lined up, and I just can’t wait to get here. I like my job.”

Tubbs is a veteran of the career education field who accepted the admissions job at Branford after working at a career institute in Miami. His enthusiasm fits in perfectly at Branford Albany, particularly because it encourages students to treat administrators – and one another – in kind.

Words of wisdom

In the reception area of Branford Albany, there are binders filled with more than a hundred hand-written notes from previous graduates – students who came to Branford after they arrived at a crossroads; single parents who needed career training, but feared they wouldn’t be able to afford it; high school grads who enrolled because they aspired to become professional medical assistants or medical billing and coding specialists. The common theme is an endorsement of the curriculum, along with testimonial evidence of some of the opportunities a Branford education has provided.

“To those of you who are considering Branford Hall or those of you who have already enrolled,” one letter reads, “I’d like to say my experience here has been both challenging and rewarding. I would also like to say to all of you who are now just beginning, to keep your eyes and mind on the goal of completing the courses before you, even when it feels as if you can’t.”

That letter was written by a single mother of nine, who enrolled at Branford Hall only after her youngest son had graduated high school. The alum eventually completed her career training program, at which point she landed a full-time job in the field of obstetrics.

The more things change … 

One Branford graduate whose letter does not appear in the binder is Abraham Natale’s. After completing Branford’s medical assistant program and gaining significant experience in that field, Natale was offered a chance to return to Branford’s Albany campus, where he has worked as a full-time instructor ever since.

According to Natale, teaching today’s students represents a perfect way to give back to a school – and a campus – that has provided him so much. A lot of things about Branford Albany remain consistent, Natale explained, only the enrollment has risen considerably … with Director Tubbs welcoming new applicants onto the campus every day.

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