Branford’s North Brunswick Campus Provides a Unique Position for Computer Networking Students

Tech students may have opportunities right next door – literally

Branford Hall’s North Brunswick campus is located in the middle of a corporate park named the Technology Centre of New Jersey. This has resulted in a unique dynamic, according to North Brunswick Campus President Carole Heininger.

“Just recently, we’ve had three employers walk in the door unannounced and ask if we had any tech students available,” Heininger explained. These companies are located within the Technology Centre. The fact that Branford Hall is on their radar screens is something that incoming computer networking and security and graphic design students might find interesting to know.

Reaping the benefits

One of the goals of Branford North Brunswick’s computer networking and security program is to prepare students so they can pass their A+ and Net+ certification tests (These certifications recognize proficiency as a computer and network technician, respectively).

Provided students complete North Brunswick’s program, the campus will pay for their initial certification tests after graduation.

The tools of the trade

Students who enroll in Branford Hall’s computer networking and security program will be taught the essentials of online maintenance and repair – skills that are increasingly more important as companies continue to move most of their operations online.

After learning about software, students will be taught how to spot, prevent and eliminate major security threats. As they gain experience, students will also be given several opportunities to work hands-on, using their skills to install firewalls across a variety of operating systems.

In addition to North Brunswick, Branford Hall’s computer networking and security career training program is offered at the institute’s Jersey City and Parsippany campuses. Request more information or schedule a tour.