Branford’s Parsippany Campus Showcases Student Training Programs

North Jersey event offers free activities for all

On Thursday, April 30th, Branford Hall’s Parsippany campus held an Open House from 10 AM – 1 PM. The centerpiece was a student-run Health Fair, featuring a number of stations that were set up along the third-floor hall.

Medical assistant students were on-hand to offer free blood-pressure and blood-sugar screenings. Massage therapy students offered complimentary massages. Throughout the morning, visitors were welcome to tour the campus’s main building, getting a feel for several career training programs, including computer networking & security and graphic design.

­­­­­­Tools of the trade

As part of the collegial atmosphere, instructors left their classrooms open, allowing attendees to wander past, or even pop in. Along the west side of the building, one classroom featured a PowerPoint presentation offered by a guest speaker from Wells Fargo Bank. Along the east side, several courses were in session, including Allied Health Director Debby Lombardini’s medical billing and coding class.

Inside one classroom, there were playing cards attached to the upper-right corner of every desk. “Rather than simply calling on students, sometimes the instructor will pick a card out of the deck,” Campus Director Richard Costa explained. “It’s up to whatever student is sitting at the corresponding desk to answer the instructor’s question.”

In addition to classrooms, Branford’s administration has also set up an “Interview Room,” where students can prep for any upcoming job interviews with a representative from Career Services. The room even features a “Clothes Closet,” which students can access if they need to borrow an appropriate suit or piece of business clothing before meeting with a potential employer.

Working toward a brighter future

The hallways of Branford’s Parsippany campus are lined with pictures of recent graduates, every headshot accompanied by an update of where that graduate is working now. “LOOK WHO HAS A NEW CAREER,” is stenciled in block letters across the top of one wall; “WHO HIRED OUR GRADS,” is featured large across another.

The mission is to keep Branford’s current students focused on the task at hand, while reminding them of what they’re aspiring to a little further down the road.

Interested in learning more about Branford’s Parsippany campus? Contact Branford Hall to schedule a tour or request more information.