Branford’s Springfield Campuses Celebrate 180 New Graduates

A recent ceremony highlighted students from six different programs   

Friends, faculty and family applauded the achievements of 180 Branford graduates on January 23rd, as the Springfield, Massachusetts campus held its commencement ceremony at the Springfield Sheraton in Springfield, MA.

The ceremony brought together graduates from the HVAC, computer networking & security, culinary arts, medical assistant, medical coding, and massage therapy programs. All of these programs take anywhere between 10 and 18 months to complete.

Springfield’s ceremony was unique in that it brought together students from a pair of local campuses – one dedicated to medical training, and another dedicated to tech.

Accomplishment has momentum

Asked to sum up how she feels about seeing so many students earning their certificates, Springfield Campus Registrar Eunice Guidry quoted Scottish philosopher, Thomas Carlyle: “Nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence like accomplishment.”

Among the graduates was James Lewis-Brown, a 27-year old culinary arts student who – in addition to securing employment as a chef at two restaurants – also plans on attending the Culinary Institute of America in the fall.

“I believe a great deal of my success can be attributed to the students and instructors I had the privilege of working with at Branford,” Lewis-Brown explained.

Continued support after graduation

Lewis-Brown’s story is just one of 180 from the recent Springfield graduation, with commencement opening the door to new opportunities. In addition, these students have the continued support of Branford’s Career Services Department, a highly-specialized resource for assisting current students and graduates with career readiness and job searches.

As any Branford graduate will attest, the road to commencement begins with one step. That may mean scheduling some time to visit Branford for an open house, a guided tour, or financial consultation, or it may mean something as simple as requesting more information. To echo Guidry’s earlier point, the opportunity is there, and each step along the way provides more confidence, as students begin to see where all of that hard work is leading them.