Branford’s Woodland Park Campus: Providing the Tools and the Direction

North Jersey career training school welcomes aspiring healthcare and networking specialists

Branford Hall’s Woodland Park NJ campus is currently home to three career training programs – professional medical assistant, health claim specialist(medical billing and coding) and computer networking management. Director of Admissions John Wool provides this breakdown of how these three Woodland Park offerings can help prepare students for the working world after graduation.

A changing landscape

Branford, Woodland Park is dedicated to providing students with the skills they’ll need to succeed in a rapidly-changing environment. The Affordable Care Act, for example, has brought a number of health-claim regulation changes into play. Wool points out that health claim specialists who are currently learning their trade are not only up-to-date on these changes, they may also be in a position to keep potential employers ahead of the curve.

Computers networking specialists, on the other hand, are training to enter one of the most in-demand career fields of the modern world, says Wool. Today’s companies rely on technology to complete their day-to-day operations. On top of which, Branford, Woodland Park is located less than 30 miles outside of New York City, where the demand for network specialists is even greater.

A voice of experience

Woodland Park’s medical assistant career training program offers students a real-world environment in which to learn new skills. Responsibilities include everything from measuring a patient’s vital signs to administering EKGs. Branford, Woodland Park requires every student to complete a local externship prior to graduating, providing students with on-the-job training that they’ll need.

Woodland’s primary medical assistance instructor is Andrea Colombo, a practitioner with 20 years’ experience in the field. Colombo uses her expertise to teach students proper technique while also helping them avoid some common pitfalls. Having been in the profession for two decades, Colombo is both sympathetic to the hard work required and fully capable of teaching students how to streamline their job.

Leading by example

As the senior administrator at Branford’s Woodland Park campus, John Wool brings 12 years of career training to the position. He’s handled admissions at schools in three different states and having recently transferred to Woodland Park from Branford’s Bohemia campus, he says he’s looking forward to helping new students succeed.

Wool encourages anyone who’s interested in enrolling at Woodland Park to schedule an appointment so they can discuss which program or financing options might be ideal. Wool says he’s confident that Branford Hall can provide all the resources incoming students will need, but he also points out that the real key to success resides in every student’s personal desire to pursue a career. If they’ve got the ambition, Branford, Woodland Park encourages them to apply.

To learn more about what Branford’s Woodland Park campus has to offer, request more information or schedule a guided tour.