College Not for You? Consider a Medical Assistant Career

You can complete training in just one year

College is great for many people, but it’s not the only way to get trained for a career! If you do not feel you are college-bound, and if you want to explore other options, why not consider becoming a medical assistant? Medical assisting is an entry-level career in the field of healthcare that can be trained for in a short period of time. If this sounds like a possibility for you, read more!

Q: What do Medical Assistants do?

A: Medical assistants play an important role in the field of medical care. They are responsible for a variety of tasks in doctors’ offices, hospitals, and other medical facilities. They assist doctors by scheduling appointments, calling patients back to the exam room, taking their vital signs, and recording their medical histories. Some medical assistants also handle insurance claims and medical billing. All of these functions allow the medical facility to run more smoothly, thanks to the efforts of the medical assistants.

Q: Where do Medical Assistants work?

A: In this field, you may look for work in a wide range of medical facilities, including doctors’ offices, specialists’ offices, nursing homes, hospitals, surgical centers, outpatient centers, rehab centers, and more.

Q: How much do Medical Assistants make?

A: Most medical assistant jobs are entry level jobs. The amount you earn will depend on your level of skills and experience, as well as the going rate in the area of the country where you live. For more information on medical assistant salaries, check out the Department of Labor’s Occupational Outlook Handbook. The section on pay talks about how much medical assistants make in different areas of the country.

Q: What training do I need to become a Medical Assistant?

A: Becoming a medical assistant will require some training, but luckily, it’s a relatively quick training program. Most training programs take about one year to complete, assuming you complete all your classes successfully. Your program will cover important topics like human anatomy, medical terms, how to measure vital signs, how to administer injections, how to draw blood, and more.

Q: Should I become a medical assistant?

A: This is a question only you can answer. Choosing a career path is an important decision. Take your time in deciding what feels right to you. To understand some of the reasons why others choose this field, try 5 Reasons to Become a Medical Assistant.

Q: Where can I get Medical Assistant training near me?

A: A simple online search should help you find programs near you. For people in the New England area, the Branford Hall Career Institute offers medical assistant programs in 9 locations New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Q: How do I enroll?

A: Most training programs—like the one at Branford Hall—require that you have a high school diploma (or equivalent) to enroll. At Branford Hall, we accept enrollments year-round, with new classes starting every few months, so there won’t be long to wait before you are in the classroom! Simply fill out our online form to get started!