Considering a Career in Graphic Design?

Developing your digital skills may improve your marketability

It’s no secret that graphic design has become an increasingly popular career choice over the past 10 years. But the great news for any student who is currently enrolled – or is considering enrollment – in a graphic design program is that the rise of digital marketing means that graphic designers have the potential to use their skills in more exciting ways than ever before.

With more companies relying on Internet-based marketing, three new areas channels are having an  influence on sales. Graphic designers can play an important role in each.

1. Social Media

Anyone who has an online presence these days is probably plugged in to at least one social network. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram seem to be the big three (with Facebook recently purchasing all of Instagram), but the deeper one drills down, the more levels of social media there are to be found.

It is for this reason that employers are interested in applicants with proven graphic design skills – the type of training that might allow them to help build a marketing campaign, increase the company’s web presence, and/or generate a larger audience via social media.

In regard to social media, employers want designers who can create animation, infographics, or compelling visual images that can be shared.

2. Mobile Devices

An increasing number of people are logging onto their accounts by way of mobile devices (e.g., phone, iPad, Blackberry, etc.). The trend has gained so much momentum that marketing professionals are now expected to acquire some level of know-how. As mobile devices become the go-to means for people to communicate online (and with each other), graphic designers will only become more in-demand as companies strive to get their messages across in visually interesting ways.

3. Viral Marketing

Remember how popular the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was last summer? With almost no overhead, the campaign wound up raising hundreds of millions of dollars worth of donations (not to mention an increased level of awareness). Other organizations have attempted viral marketing in a similar vein, but the challenge always becomes one of finding in-house talent that is capable of implementing new ideas. That’s where graphic designers come in. Viral marketing requires somebody who knows how to tailor – and update – a traditional ad for the online audience.

If working as a graphic designer in the digital space sounds exciting to you, request more information about Branford’s graphic design program.