Considering a career in IT?

If you’re good with technology, we can help you gain the skills to excel in your IT career.

With technology an essential part of most businesses today, individuals are needed who can install systems, solve technical issues quickly, and manage a secure and fast network. With even one year of training, you could be qualified to perform many important roles within the technology industry.

The Branford Hall Career Institute offers a program in Computer Networking Management that will help give you the foundation you need to keep a computer network running smoothly whether you are installing operating systems, configuring networks, or maintaining network security.

Our program provides a range of courses to prepare you from essential computer skills to network defense. Below is an overview of some of the courses you may take and what you can learn from them:

General IT skills

If you are looking to become knowledgeable about computers, you do not have to have prior computer experience. We offer courses to help introduce you to the industry so you have the skills needed to succeed.

Computer Support Technology

If you are planning on taking the Comp TIA A+ Certified Technician exam, this course will help prepare you with the necessary skills and concepts that you will need. It covers hardware,  software, elements of security, and customer support.

Desktop Operating Systems

This course is designed to give students a basic understanding of how to install, configure, and administer a desktop operating system.          During the course, you will learn how to manage a Windows desktop operating system in a variety of environments.


We will help prepare you to set up, maintain, and manage a secure and fast network with our courses on computer networking skills.

Fundamentals of Networking

In this class you will learn the latest techniques in installing, configuring, and troubleshooting a computer network. By the end of the course, you should be able to design and implement a network.

Supporting Network Operating Systems

Designed as an introduction to server operating systems, you will learn how to configure, administer, and troubleshoot network elements from user accounts to server security. You also will be taught how to create, configure, and manage network resources.

Network Security

Businesses want to ensure safety on their network. We offer several courses that aim to help you secure those networks.

Network Security I and II

These courses cover network goals, such as system threats and risks, protecting networks and operating systems, and securing access to network resources by using encryptions, authentications, and intrusion detection systems. You can learn how to find vulnerabilities in both computers and networks.

Ethical Hacking

With today’s technology climate, you may have to play defense. By using the knowledge, tools, and methodologies used by hackers to gain unauthorized access to a network, you can learn how to protect networks from attacks.


This program also offers the opportunity to participate in an externship where you will apply all the knowledge you gain from your courses in a business environment. If you want a peek into where this career may lead, read A Day in the Life in Computer Networking and Security.

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