Get More Focused by Ditching the Clutter

A less cluttered life can feel more fulfilling

Are you one of those people who saves everything? Have you found that your belongings are becoming harder to organize? Is it hard to find space for everything in your home? If so, then you might benefit from decluttering.

Many people find that living in too much clutter can become stressful. Accumulating too many things can leave your home feeling disorganized and messy. If you’re ready to take on the clutter, try these techniques to ease yourself slowly into digging your way out!

One spot at a time
If cleaning up your belongings all at one time feels too overwhelming, try taking it slow. Choose just one spot in your home—say, your desk—and pledge to make it clutter-free. By focusing on just one spot at a time, the task is not so daunting.

One thing per day
One technique that some people like is the one-item-per-day trick. With this tip, all you do is choose one item per day that you can part with. If you discard one item per day for a whole year, that’s 365 fewer things that are cluttering your home!

The five-minute race
Another trick for people who simply don’t know where to begin is the 5-minute race. With this strategy, you grab a trash bag and set a timer for five minutes. In that 5 minutes, race around your home grabbing up anything you don’t want or need anymore. Can you fill a whole bag in 5 minutes? If so, try it again the next day.

Having trouble getting rid of memorabilia? Take a picture!
One great way to preserve memories without saving every single ticket stub and concert program is to take pictures of meaningful items. This way, you can still enjoy the memory without creating more clutter in your home.

The expiration date method
Do you have items in your home that you don’t want to throw away because you think you might need them again? For those hard-to-decide items, store them in a box marked with the current date. If you haven’t used them within one year’s time, it’s probably safe to get rid of them.

The 24-hour rule
Part of the struggle with clutter is our impulse to buy more and more things. Every time you bring something new into your home, it’s one more thing that you will eventually have to get rid of. To help stem the accumulation, put yourself under the 24-hour rule. When you’re considering buying something, wait 24 hours. If the next day rolls around and you realize you didn’t really want the item after all, you’ve just saved yourself from some extra clutter!

We hope these suggestions help you get control of the clutter in your life, rather than letting it control you! Once your home is more organized and cleared of clutter, you may realize just how freeing it can be!


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