Get to Know Recent Branford Faculty of the Month Alicia Kiley

This faculty member deserves special recognition from the whole community

Each month the Branford Hall community selects one faculty member for recognition for their excellent contributions to the school. Recently the Branford, CT campus honored Alicia Kiley, who teaches classes in clinical skills, anatomy and physiology, and medical terminology. She has been teaching at Branford for two years, and attended Branford Hall herself!

Deborah Olszyk, CPC, Director of Education at the Branford campus, asked Alicia a few questions so we could get to know her a bit better:

1. What do you like about working at Branford Hall, Branford?

Giving hope to my students for choosing the right career path.

2. Where were you born?

New Haven, CT.

3. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be an anthropologist or a marine biologist.

4.  What 3 words would you use to describe yourself?

I’d say empathetic, caring, and loving.

5. What is your favorite restaurant?

Any diner that serves grits!

6. If you could go on vacation anywhere in the world you’ve never been, where would you go?

I’d love to go to Iceland and Scandinavia.

7. How would you spend your perfect Sunday?

Well, there would be no alarm clock. I’d have breakfast and then do yoga with the windows open.

8. What is something on your bucket list?

I’d like to pet a penguin!

9. What is your favorite meal to make at home?

I like to make chicken cutlets or chili.

10. What is your favorite movie you saw in the theater?

I loved all of the films in the Harry Potter series.

11. What is your favorite thing about your career at Branford Hall, Branford?

Everyday is different with something new!

Look out for Alicia around the Branford Campus. When you see her, give her a smile and thank her for all she does for the school. Look out for future profiles here on the blog of “faculty of the month” at other campuses. They all play their part in building a school with a strong community of learning.