Get Trained as a Medical Assistant in Springfield, Mass

Find out the facts about this career training program

Springfield, Mass. If you live near Springfield, Massachusetts and are considering starting a new career, the Branford Hall Career Institute may have your answer. Many students are choosing our Medical Assistant training program in order to get started in the field of allied health and healthcare. With the concentration of healthcare providers in the Springfield region, it makes sense that our students are choosing this field of study.

Are you interested in learning more? If so, read on to find out about our frequently asked questions.

Q: What is a Medical Assistant?
A: A medical assistant is a healthcare practitioner who plays an important part on a healthcare team. Most medical assistants work in medical offices or hospitals. Their role usually includes entry level responsibilities such as showing patients to the exam rooms, taking patients’ vital signs, recording health information in patients’ charts, and preparing exam rooms for the next patient. Some medical assistants have administrative roles where they work in the front office. In this role, they might answer phones, make appointments, check patients in and out, and help with billing.

Q: How do I become a Medical Assistant?
A: At Branford Hall, it’s easy to enroll in our Medical Assistant training program. We offer the program at our Springfield campus, as well as 9 other campuses. You need to have a high school diploma (or equivalent) and to fill out our application materials. There is no prior experience necessary. We accept applications at any time of year, so there’s no need to wait. Contact us anytime, and start your admissions process now.

Q: How fast can I get trained?
A: Branford Hall wants to work with you to get you into the workforce as soon as possible. The great news about getting trained for this field is that you can complete your training in less than one year. Our full-time students who keep up their attendance, do their homework, attend their lab sessions, pass their exams, and attend their externships are able to complete all their requirements in less than one year. If you are currently working during the day, you can also choose to attend our part-time evening classes, which take a little longer to complete because they are part-time.

Q: Will you help me find a job?
A: Helping you get trained and into the job market is our key goal at Branford Hall. We have a Career Services department that is dedicated to working with students on their job readiness skills. We provide resume and cover letter advice. We promote job fairs and volunteer opportunities. We help you develop strong interview skills. We connect with area healthcare providers and alert you to job leads. In short, we are here to help you succeed!

Q: How much will I make as a Medical Assistant?
A: The pay scale for medical assistants varies from job to job, so this is a difficult question to answer. One way to get an idea of the current pay scale is to search for entry level medical assistant jobs on LinkedIn or CareerBuilder. Sometimes the job postings will include the wage/salary, and this way, you can get an estimate of what you might earn. You can also view the Occupational Outlook Handbook’s page on Medical Assistants to learn what the median annual wage is for medical assistants across the country.

Q: Can I get financial aid to pay for my career training?
A: It’s always a good idea to look into the possibility of receiving financial aid if you are considering a career training program of any kind. If you decide to apply to Branford Hall, you should fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) through their online application. The FAFSA determines whether you are eligible for financial aid. For more information on the FAFSA, you can contact our Financial Aid department, and they can help you get started.

Q: Where is Branford Hall located?
A: Branford Hall offers the Medical Assistant program at its Springfield location in Massachusetts as well as 9 other locations throughout Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey. Visit our locations page to find the Branford Hall campus nearest you.

We hope we have answered all your questions! If not, it’s easy to contact us through our online form. Our representatives will be happy to talk with you to help you figure out your next career move.