Graduate of Computer Networking and Security Program Looks Back on His Branford Hall Experience

Aspiring technician emerges one step ahead of the curve

Earlier this month, Richard Bappoo graduated from Branford Hall’s Jersey City campus, one of 200 career training program students to do so. Bappoo originally enrolled after friends recommended Branford’s computer networking and security program.

Bappoo had always enjoyed working with computers, but he lacked the recognizable skills that most IT professionals are able to list on their resumes. While the curriculum at Branford proved beneficial in that regard, Bappoo insists it was the instructors who really pulled him through.

“Computer networking is one those things where you need to dig in before you can understand it,” Bappoo recently admitted. “At Branford, there were instructors who went above and beyond by providing more than just the standard lecture and slides. They’d design interactive lesson plans that would force you to complete intricate processes for yourself. I acquired a lot more from that type of setting than I would have from memorizing a bunch of answers from a book.”

The building blocks for success

Branford Hall’s computer networking and security career training program is set up so that entry-level courses will provide a strong foundation for what’s to come.

The first third of the program focuses on software and hardware – the pros and cons of installing one type of product as opposed to another. Once students have a firm understanding of the available tools, it’s onto data recovery, along with locating the root of a virus, and working with various other forms of “digital forensics.”

During the final third of Branford’s program, students delve into operating systems, network configurations, programming languages, security measures, firewall moderation and in-house software development. Students also learn how to use the latest encryption methods to minimize any possibility of a system threat ever occurring.

The many benefits of applied learning

As a student, Richard Bappoo completed all of the aforementioned coursework. While doing so, he was pursuing part-time employment through a recruiting firm based in New York.

A couple of months ago, Network Outsource – a Long-Island based IT company Bappoo had been contracted out to as a result of the recruiter – made him a full-time job offer.

At the age of 30, Bappoo is now not only a recent graduate of Branford, Jersey City’s computer networking and security program, he’s also demonstrated the skills necessary to enjoy a just reward.

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